Anybody know how to preorder Nintendo Switch?

Is the preorder sold out everywhere?

Is there gonna be another preorder?

Not sure. Got mine the day they started the preorder

In to beat op to the pre-order

how is it possible that none of you homos know?

There's a pre order to pre order. You just don't know. 

CrAzYiBe -

There's a pre order to pre order. You just don't know. 

I don't know shit. But you homos know everything.

Pretty much all pre-orders are sold out right now.  I pre-ordered mine right after work at a gamestop the day after their switch presentation on like 1/12 or something like that.

Half of the pre-orders that store was getting were already gone by then.

You should go to the Nintendo Switch reddit page and basically live there as whenever a store has pre-orders pop up online, which happens from time to time, someone always posts it there.

Your best bet in getting one at launch is honestly going to be waiting outside of a target or other retailer all night because places like Target don't do in store pre-orders.  The only pre-orders target did were online only and those are all long gone. Each store will get a certain amount allocated for launch day in store sales for a first come first serve type situation.  I'm sure some other retailers will be doing something similar, but target is the one I know for sure does this.

You will need to contact your local target a couple days before launch to see how many they are getting in store and how they are handling the vouchers they will give out for them.  They will most likely give out a voucher to whoever is lined up outside that store until they run out about an hour before the store opens, but you should contact the store to see how they are doing it.

I'm personally glad I pre-ordered mine the first day you could so I don't have to worry about waiting all night because fuck that.  I'm super hyped for the new Zelda and that snipperclips game looks dope.

Just go to Walmart on release day.

HokutoShinken - Just go to Walmart on release day.

Yea, that's an option.  They are open 24 hours though, so they will probably sell them at midnight I suppose. 

Toys R Us is apparently doing in store non-preorders as well if you have one near you.