Anybody Left Think Tito Will Win?

Just rewatched the Evans vs Salmon fight, and it seemed as though the smaller Salmon was able to pretty easily take Evans down in the first round, then seemed to gas going into the second before that brutal leg kick to the face.

Just seems to me that Tito will have a much easier time taking Evans down and be able to utilize better G&P, and eek out a decision.

I still think tito will win but I'm not the best at picking fights.

Unless Fedor is fighting.

im saying tito wins in the 2nd from GnP

Chuck is the only 205er Tito cant beat. And thats only a mental block in Tito's mind. He has the talent to run away with the LHW division.

The brutal leg kick to the face? If he hit him in the face how is it a leg kick? If you're not talking about where the kick landed then what else can he kick with?

Kool-aid man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry man my technical description did not meet your exacting specifications. Someone said it earlier...i think Tito can go hard core for 3 rounds and if he ends up on top of Evans, gonna be a rough fight.

the patrick cote fight is always in the back of my head. tito couldnt finish a natural 185 lb guy.



I think its kind of early to dismiss Tito like this. He's still pretty tough.

Just playing about the leg kick thing.

IMO, I don't think Rashad has the skills to beat Tito...

I think Tito will squeeze out a split dec. win...Because I think when Tito takes down Evans he will take a few elbows and then manage to get back to his feet after the elbows....The only way that I think Tito will finish this fight is if its prematurely stopped after a few elbows go unanswered or if he somehow sneaks in a submission...But I believe he will win via Split Dec.

Rashad's tough and will only get better, and I wouldn't be shocked to see him take it, but I pick Tito in this one.

tito said hes been training hardcore with a few different champion college wrestlers and getting back to his roots of how he was successful before. he sounded really convincing and determined in his interview so i give the edge to tito.. war crazy monkey defense

Not a huge Tito fan, but the guy has been in there with the best. He spent 5 rounds sufferring from Randy's gnp, so I don't see Rashad bringing anything new.

This fight's still a pick-em, but I see Tito pulling it out via experience and heart.

Rashad is a better wrestler and a better boxer that Tito.

He fought 3 totally fresh HW's in about 2 week span on TUF 2. Whitehead, Jardine, and I forget the 3rd guy.
That took balls, and most people forget that.

And he's been training with some good camps since leaving TUF 2, and has obviously improved his skills.
Ask Jason Lambert.

Tito is the new Elvis Sinocic White347LX ?

Tito will win

Tito is huge compared to Rashad. He definitely has a shot.

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when tito fears his opponents hands, he shoots from 6 feet away and is easily sprawled on