Anybody own a line6 amp?

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I'm curious how the modelled amps sound in a live situation, if you closed your eyes would you think it was a fender bassman? I know they sound bitchin with a pod and headphones.  Another thing I'm wondering is how does it handle guitar pedals? I know some pedals sound like shit through the pod, espcially things like the tube screamer.  Basically I want the sound of a Marshall stack that is small enough I can carry it on the subway (I know, dream on).

I've heard great things about ED amps, but they are a little out of my price range ($1600 US, wtf?)

I want to price the B52 stealth 60W combo amp but I can't find any dealers, I think they must have stopped making them.

I don't have a Line6 amp, but I am currently messing around with the amp modeler stomp box, and have had the Mod Pro(flangers/phasers/tremolo/ring modulation,etc.) for a couple months. The Mod Pro is awesome, very versatile, and the tones bring on the old school deja vu, I'm hearin' Trower,Eddie,Jimi,it's a blast.

The amp modeler...hmmmm jury is still out on this one. Huge range of tones can do the tweed Champ to Disturbed-like scooped high gain, but I still haven't quite got a handle on getting a "big" sound out of it. What I mean is, there is just this dynamic to the real thing that is organic and tactile, the Line6 amp models still don't "feel" right to me, but I am still experimenting with placement in the chain,EQ,speakers,etc.

I think Jman has forsaken us. Probably because of something you said Musahi, ya big meany.


there is just this dynamic to the real thing that is organic and tactile

I know exactly what you mean, thats why I'm hesitant. I should rent one for a weekend and try putting it though the paces.

Any of you guys played through one of the new Traynor tube combos?



Buy at Guitar Center with 30 day money back guarantee= free rental.

If only they had those in the land of beer and backbacon.

I'm sure music shops here have a similar policy, the problem is coming up with enough dough to buy the amp in the first place. Thats like 25 beaver pelts man!

Well, gits to trappin'! ;)

A guy named Marcus Henderson just dropped a guitar off with me for a setup. He told me to check out the artist section on Line6's site, and there he was! This guy does a lot of session work and live stuff, and he uses a BUNCH of Line6 stuff for both.

I just checked it out, pretty cool.

I'd like to hear some live samples, that stuff always sound great in the studio.

I came across the brilliant idea of searching the harmony central user reviews.

The general consensus seems to be: great at low volumes, terrible at loud volumes. Good for the apartment, terrible for playing live. This is pretty much what I was thinking would be the case. It also looks like people who have a little knowledge of amps don't like them, and new players love the hell out of them.  I only read the combo reviews though.