Anybody play Conan Exiles?

I picked this up and I’m digging it. Any OG’ers play? I have found myself at war and I have no clan or friends on my server.

Game is on sale on humble bundle.

On PS4? How is it? 

Im on pc.

It’s fine. I wasnt all that invested in it until I started fighting with this other guy. Now I’m obsessed.

I've been playing with a friend. We have a nice base set, but our hours are tough to sync with each other. Server 1588


fine young cannibal is my name

We have a private server rented. Xp times 6 etc

Its decent. Kinda a ARK rip off but you can knock out enemy NPCs and make them your slaves etc

Well, if yall feel like helping me stomp some fools who keep fucking with me, I’m in the pvp 1540.

I downloaded it when it was free on PS+.

It was uninstalled after playing it for an hour or two. 

It might have been a decent game if it came out in 2001. 

I bought it for $80 the day it came out. Played it for less than an hour. Tried it again when it was free and still couldn’t get into it.