anybody play this victor lapel grip

any sweeps or conceptual understanding?
its the lapel spider in the beginning of both matches where he ties the arm up also
i have played this several times but without real success hoping to find what I can work for in the grip on my own and I come up with losing the arm like he did early in the pan match or just tying my opponent up for a bit
I see it may be a setup for the marcelo or just an entry to his footlock he likes so much which I assuming it is
I haven't studied all his matches so I may be missing some details
if anyone plays it would be cool to hear about

btw hate eau pro cameras

and any word when victor is competing again

A while back right after watching him use it I tried messing w/ it, and the only thing I was able to work was some sort Leandro Lo to X-guard stuff and something similar to a sickle sweep

you went opposite side lapel grip step and slid under


No, I went same side. Earlier in the tournament you would see him get to the real position he wants, which is same side lapel/lapel spider guard. But then he quickly wraps it over his ankle and back under leg right above his heel. It's a really strong control that is tough to break. If I had the skill to make a video or pic guide through it I would. If you go to about 4 min into the Keenan match you'll see the grip/feed he wants. Sorry if this wasn't the same thing you were asking.

Without giving up the guy's name, I was talking to a 3x black belt world champ about it and he had the same questions. I think it's a good guard for a comp like AD Pro bc of the short matches. Try to get an advantage or two, get lucky and hit a sweep. It's a tough guard to pass so good for stalling out the final minute or so.

nice yes that's it
3x world champ....glad to be in good company...
Victor obviously has something in mind bc of the persistence to keep lapel and wrap
might have to call in the big guns and tag him on something to get his attention for hopefully a quick breakdown

For later

I will use the lapels as a safety backup.... When I'm bringing my foot across to put it on a bicep, I'll open his lapel with the heel of my foot in case he hides his elbow as I'm going for his bicep. I do that a lot when I'm reaching my foot diagonally across to the other bicep. I don't like it as much because he's got a free hand and you're not manipulating his body as much but it can save your ass.

Braulio also played same side lapel against Rudolfo. He couldn't do much with it but Rudolfo couldn't pass until the closing the seconds.