Anybody Played 13

I have no idea if this game is out already , im just going by what i saw on The comericals for it...

If has come out I would like to hear some ratings on it.

the demo is cool... the graphics and comic book presentation are awesome

I've been playing it for 2 weeks on the PC. It's all right. I've played better and worse games. The biggest thing that bugs me is the lack of a save anywhere. I get stuck playing the same parts over and over. It has a quick save key, but you still have to restart at the last checkpoint, and if you exit and go back into the game, you have to restart at the beginning of the level. Unless I'm missing something because I'm retarded, which is a strong possibility.

The graphics and overall look are really cool, though.


No save? Won't buy it. Wasn't overly thrilled with the demo anyway. Still like the comicbook presentation. Cool to see new ideas.

I will wait for it to hit the 20 dollar bin
Seems like you say that a lot, Big Pun. Ha. Me too.

Not being able to save anywhere is pretty standard on console games, it seems, and the save anywhere option is more of a PC standard.
Medal of Honor was a save once per level game, but it was still good.

I love the cell shaded graphics but the gameplay itself is lacking IMO.

I only want it for the cell shading.

definitely try out the demo just to see how cool the art and presentation is

I'm all about the $20 bin.
PS2 games have started showing up for $10 used, too.
Life is good.