Anybody remember how brilliantly Rory completely shut down Tyron's offense?

It was incredible.

To have the focus, the fucking balls during a fight of that magnitude, to implement that kind of gameplan perfectly while staying in striking range of a guy who can potentially knock you into a coma with a punch so fast the best fighters in the world can barely see it coming…that’s beauty.

One of my favorite fighters of all time. A brilliant tactician but also one of the toughest men in the world. What a motherfucker.

I don’t think I ever saw that fight. What was the strategy?

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me either, need to watch. cum eater, can you give us some details on the fight in the meantime?


Yes. Great game plan. Completely shut Woodley down. It was always possible to do that to Woodley. It just took Usman to remember.


Anybody remember when OP wasn’t a complete faggot? Me neither.

It was a boring fight. You probably thought Koscheck vs GSP II was exciting too.


Hi tyron!

Kept Woodley at the end of his straight punches, backed him up to the fence and used lots of feints to freeze him.

The UG likes to jizz over it because Woodley is BLM.

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Pressured Woodley the entire time…woodley didnt like that and froze


Ah, yes. The famously pro BLM, progressive UG . . .

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Yup. Wrote the blue print on how to beat him. (I don’t remember the Nate M. fight beyond the epic finish. Did Nate do something similar?)

Rory’s win over BJ was similar. That fight was probably the most wrong I’ve ever been on a fight. I was so confident that BJ was going to destroy Rory.

Woodley doesn’t like when people fight back. He’s been mentally weak his whole career and I thought calling himself “the chosen one” was a good indicator. MacDonald wrecked him, got cut and Woodley ended up the champ somehow through the magic of match making.

Rory didn’t get cut, he chose to test the waters in other promotions.