anybody remember..."LADYHAWKE"?

Rutger Hauer, Michelle Phiffer, Mathew Brodrick.

Fuggen GREAT Movie.

sorry, random memory.

I burned it and made it part of my collection awhile ago.

Hawk by day, wolf by night good times.

I think it was on par with Robbin Hood (Kevin Costner). Sure you might call me a fag for liking that movie but seriously, deep down inside you know you liked it too

I never watched Kevin Costner's Robin Hood,
But I'll admit to liking WaterWorld.

ladyhawke pwns robin hood.

phiffer was at her peak in that movie. goddamn loved her back then.

I'm watching "In the name of the King"

and realized I hardly watch movies anymore that are filled with special effects or CGI

then I thought about Ladyhawke.

Should go watch Robin Hood, that movie was the shit imo

Watched Phiffer in Wolf last night, got to say Jack Nicholson is a stud

Ladyboy + Ethan Hawke = Ladyhawke?


Pfeiffer is sexy...remember her in that werewolf movie with Jaq Nickleson? As catwoman? In Fabulous Baker Boys?

I loved that movie. Haven't seen it since 6th grade. IIRC Broderick did an escape from a full nelson that never worked for me.


That was a good movie, but i just LedMAO watching the trailer:

watching the original 1st Highlander on AMC.

another classic.

I almost broke up with my gf when she said she never watched it.

she was saved by an AMC replay of the movie.

close call!