Anybody remember "Make A!"?

Had a random memory of when I was a kid and a friend of mine slipped and fell in front of everyone and he yelled out "Make A!".

But I never hear it anymore. Does anyone still use that phrase? Phone Post 3.0

must be a hawaii thing...i've never heard this before.

Def a Hawaii thing.
"make ass". To be embarrassed. Phone Post 3.0

i still hear "lick ass"

remember it? i live it everyday.

I always thought jimmynaks was a Mainland transplant. Hmmmm.

I haven't heard "Make A" in a lonnnnnnng time. I think it's because people are more willing to just cuss today -- e.g., "I @#$%ed up BAD."

Now I'm getting all nostalgic. Other catchphrases from that period, which may or may not have gone away:

CHOICE -- "Ho, check out Kaleo's boogie board. Choice, ah...?"

NO ACK (ACT) -- don't show off (I think this one is still used)

FRENZ -- yearbook signoff: "Frenz, Kui"

BOYSH -- odd pronunciation of "boys", i.e., your gang. "Howzit, boysh....?"

A recent favorite: "Make big body." As in, puffing out one's chest and acting tough.

I was born here. Elementary and Middle school here. In and out of the OG DH on Cook street, 22nd Ave Boys home and HYCF or Koolau or "Over the hill" as it was called back then.

All local and local Japanese Friends and a FOB Japanese Mom.

At 15yrs old I transplant to Guam and on the first day of school I hear a Guam Moke yell out "What Haole? Tough?!?"

Being the "Local Boy" that I thought I was I yelled out "Where da Haole boy stay? Kick his ass!!"

Then I realized the guy was talking to me.

At home and through my black eye, fat lip and bloodied nose, I looked in the mirror and for the first time ever realized to other people I looked of Caucasian decent.

True story.

Make A Phone Post 3.0

I always though the BOYSH thing was because the guy saying it didn't have teeth. Phone Post 3.0

"I like sample" Phone Post 3.0

Wasn't there a word for when someone wanted a sip of your drink?

A zap? No?

Too much Acid in High School. Memory is Swisscheese. Phone Post 3.0

these terms have all been replaced by micronesian.

Did you use "mint" for something that was hot shit. "oh man, joey got the complete Voltron set! It is fricken mint!"


no. Phone Post 3.0

Actually along with choice, we had mint, righteous, and heavy duty, but only briefly...they didn't last.

micorrosion = what happens to your neighborhood.

Micro abrasion- cuts you get from fighting a Micro Phone Post 3.0

micro brew is what you get when there are 5 or more of them in a hot tub

ba doom, psshh!

fnunderful - Did you use "mint" for something that was hot shit. "oh man, joey got the complete Voltron set! It is fricken mint!"

The term your kind uses too often is"sweeeeet"!

it kills me.

When you say my kind you mean human? Or is it because I'm black?