Anybody teach/taught ESL?

Just curious if anybody around here is/was also into teaching English as a foreign language. Did you just get stuck into it or get e CELTA/M.ed/..first? How and where?

i'm planning to move to Beijing in th fall, and teach conversational english on a freelance basis.

waste of your life

Mozilla - have you ever done it? How is it a waste of your life?

" Mozilla - have you ever done it? How is it a waste of your life?"

yes. currently doing it. most of the guys here are doing it so they can chase after chicks and get drunk. They don't give a rat's ass about teaching, as a result, no one really takes you seriously.

not all teachers are this bad, however be prepared that this is the stereotype you will have to face if you get into this field.

Mozilla - I have been doing it - am in my 3rd year at the mo and having a great time (good hours/good pay/good job satisfaction). Started at a conversation school and now working at Uni. Wouldnt say Im wasting my life at all cause my students can see I put extra effort into the classes. But I do agree there are some that fit the profile. Most of them it seems are the ones that are fresh outta Uni.

Where and how long you been teaching?

I'm gonna look into doing it in russia as soon as i graduate

SILK, Mozilla...

Where are you guys teaching? On of the plans I'm thinking about is going to Thailand to teach University level-philosophy/sociololgy/political studies once I have my Masters (should be this in the next few months), and I'm wondering if anyone had any pointers.

Hakujin - I wouldn't know anything about teaching those subjects,especially in another country. Sorry:( I just teach English(in Japan). For teaching (English) in Thailand and other countries I'd advise you to check out DaveESL Cafe at: They have teachers forums for various countries, so you can see what kinda experiences others have had where.

One pointer I could give you is GET PUBLICATIONS! A Masters is a minimum to get a Uni job. So you need something more. Publications relevant to the field you wish to be teaching help loads. Also try to get some (ANY) Uni teaching experience while still being back home so you can put that on your resume. Its a bit of a catch 22 - many Uni's say you need prior (Uni) teaching experience to get a job with them, but you need that job to get that experience.

But at the end of the day the best way to get your foot in the door is good ole connections. If you have or can get those, it makes life a lot easier.