Anybody Train Around Phoenix, AZ?

I'm heading to Casa Grande for about a week and I'd really like to get in a session or two for my daughter and I.

Does anyone train in the area? Can you recommend a school?

I'm looking at this school

Anybody got any info?

Thanks in advance

Closest other places are 30 miles away...
He is a Gustavo Dantes brown belt. Nova Uniao. How bad could it be for a week? Phone Post 3.0

Replied to your email! I have a good group of guys down here in CG! Look forward to seeing ya buddy!

-Roger Phone Post 3.0

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Damnit! I thought I'd already followed this up. I did post stuff to Facebook when I got home.

The Mexicutioner and his crew treated the girl and I great. We were only able to do 2 classes but we had a good time and we enjoyed the classes.

If you're in the area check it out. It's a great school and he is a great instructor.

I'm planning on heading back out there next March so I'm going to try to get in more than one day next time.