Anybody want a Fighter's Notebook?


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Even has Kirk's address in it. :) Phone Post 3.0

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I'm still waiting for the expansions to be released.

I'll add on a bunch of mma dvd's. KOTC, Hook and Shoot, Pride, Gladiator Challenge, and old UFC'S. Phone Post 3.0

Also, Extreme Challenge and ADCC. Phone Post 3.0

Shit, I wonder if I still have mine somewhere.

might be interested. never thought to get one back then for some reason.

what would you ask for it?

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Shit, I wonder if I still have mine somewhere.

I used to enjoy reading your blog 15 years ago. Phone Post 3.0

Have one too, my kids read it now! Phone Post 3.0

What else will you put in your box?

Still have mine Phone Post 3.0

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lol at this review of Fighters Notebook on Amazon


1.0 out of 5 stars Outdated content, poor photography and horrible binding

By C. Garcia on September 1, 2003

Format: Ring-bound

The techniques in this book are badly outdated, even for a complete novice. There are several books on the market with more useful information, like Gene LeBell's Encyclopedia of Finishing Holds, which also explains the techniques much better.
Another problem with the Fighter's Notebook is that many of the techniques shown work only if the opponent is completely willing and cooperative--when was the last time you encountered such an opponent on the street or in a competition?
The photographs aren't crisp enough to give a clear view of the techniques. They're fuzzy and have poor contrast, usually too dark. Hiring a professional photographer would've been the right thing to do for a book this pricey, but, alas, the authors took the cheap route. The pictures also don't show a lot of the transitions between moves, so you see a setup and in the next picture, the hold is clamped on. But how was it done?
The quality of the book itself is embarrassing, especially for the price. I always handled mine with care and never took it out of my home, yet it still has pages falling apart. Very [weak].
Also, don't be fooled by the author's claim that he "runs The World's Best Source for Mixed Martial Arts Information". That title is self-proclaimed. He actually runs a website with a message board that, granted, has a lot of members, but that hardly makes him an authority on fighting qualified to write a book on the subject and charge such an outrageous price. The site isn't so much a source of information as a collection of banner ads, popups and links to advertisers. It has event listings and school listings, but nothing that will improve you as a martial artist. As for being "Commissioner of the North American Grappling Association," that title is misleading as well. He is commissioner of a promotion run by his close friend and business partner, Kip Kollar. NAGA is absolutely NOT a sanctioning body, but rather a business venture.



How much?

Already have one. Do they require company?

No thanks, sweetcheeks. I already gots one! Also got a T Phone Post 3.0

Yes please Phone Post 3.0

PTM2020 -

might be interested. never thought to get one back then for some reason.

what would you ask for it?

For you, I'd just ship it all. Phone Post 3.0