Anybody working out today ???

Just wandered if anyone out there is working out on this Holiday ?...I might take a jog and do push ups ..

I am doing pullups every time I pass by my pullup bar

Well if I was still in the U.S. I would relax a little today. Mind you I am fighting Saturday night. Damn what to do now. Guess Cheetos and bong hits are out of the question

Going in to the gym tomorrow :)

already hit the gym at 10

good workout

Probably some yoga, might jump up and down on the wife at some point as well, depending on how well she does with dinner ;)

airdyne 20 mins.

I am need to "Jog it out" hahaha have fun while I wash my turky down with some nice Bueerr

My little brother already ran his three miles this morning in order to eat tonight. He has to wrestle nexy Tuesday.

I had planned on hitting the gym, but I rolled hard last night, and when I woke up I was too sore to even consider working out.....


"My little brother already ran his three miles this morning in order to eat tonight. He has to wrestle nexy Tuesday"

This is the first thanksgiving in 6 years where I dont have to hold back on what I eat....feels good not to have to maintain my weight for wrastling.

Hit the treadmill this morning for intervals, ate a HUGE thanksgiving lunch, and am about to hit the weights as penance...

I just got back from doing a Thanksgiving Day Duathalon (sprinter distance.) I really should have trained for it.

Open mat this am, I was tapped at least 5 times by the same guy who
used to kick my ass as a white belt. I didn't even count it may have been

Tough to roll after a night of wine and beer.

yup... working out today...
no "pavo" for me xD

I did it with my girlfriend twice this morning.....

im canadian so ill just be doing my regular scheduale.

happy thanksgiving to all u yankees tho

worked out 8am got board and hit it again at  10 now my splits are all messed up

Oh yeah...I'm doing my usual routine with the exception of training in my club because they shut down between Dec 13'th and Jan 8'th.

2 miles....up and down hills. 20 tough windsprints, push ups, sit ups, shadow boxing and jumping jacks...finish with stretching...nice feeling