anyone a CFA on here?

just wondering if anyone on here is a CFA.

what age did you start the process? did you do it on your own in a class? did you have an MBA?


I'm a Level 2 candidate. Wrote level 1 as a senior in college. Studied it on my own but used the Stalla study guide instead of the material the CFA institute gives you. Don't have an MBA yet.

Here is a very good forum for CFA members and candidates.

awesome, thanks for the link. do you think it's necessary to get an MBA?

It depends almost entirely on where you are in your career and where you want to end up. If you've been working in a non-finance related field then you will probably need the MBA to break through.

I should also point out that the CFA is a must for jobs in asset management but not as important in other fields within finance (i.e. investment banking, private equity, etc). Before pursuing the charter, I would recommend doing a lot of research and thinking about whether you want to devote the 500+ hours of studying that it will take to pass all three CFA exams.

I'm in the same boat. Passed the first part last December, and sitting for the second level this June. No MBA, but I am a CPA, so that makes the Financial Statement Analysis parts easier.

Like the drake says, it is a huge time commitment, and you have to be ready to have no life for several months (and possibly not even pass). Also, if you are thinking about taking it, take a look at all three levels of the curriculum. The second level is MUCH harder than the first.

i'm 29 i have a BA in film, i work in motion graphics, it's not a bad job. i am taking an accounting class at night time, and going to add some economics classes and math. i'm testing the water academically before i attempt a massive leap in a new direction.

As far as the MBA goes, I'm nervous that my undergraduate degree is going to make admission difficult. My hope is that after taking night classes it will increases my chances of doing well on the GMAT. Even then I'm looking at getting an MBA at maybe 34 which is depressing.

My biggest obstacle is getting relevant work experience now.

but thanks for the advice, i think about it everyday.

I finally finished the CFA program this year. I was in "jail" for 4 years (failed 2 times)... but I'm done so I am happy.