Anyone A Outlaw Country/Shooter Jennings Fan?

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Yep.. Phone Post 3.0

Hank 3 is good too Phone Post 3.0

Shooter's really good. He 'a got a different theme every album. I always like it though. Phone Post 3.0

I fixed the pic.

That's my little big brother. I had to mark out his face and ink for his work.

We were thinking of the OG though!

Fuck yeah! VU for good taste the pic!

And the pic

Flip you should check out Billy Don Burns.

I don't know if he counts as outlaw, but check out Jesse Dayton. He's a studio guitarist for a lot of country stars and he made up two fictional bands for Rob Zombie movies. Banjo and Sullivan and Captain Clegg and the Night creatures.

I'm a big Hank III fan as well Phone Post 3.0

Saw Shooter with Tom Morrello a few years back. Not usually a fan of country but was a really good show, i liked that kind of country, like Hank 3 type stuff. Phone Post 3.0

FTUGTT_Mix6APlix - Cherlene? Phone Post 3.0
Beat me to it! VU Phone Post 3.0

Hell yeah!!! Love me some Shooter!!! Phone Post 3.0

Put the cunt in country Phone Post