Anyone a purchaser/buyer?

I just graduated with a degree in accounting, I'd obviously like to work in the accounting field but an opportunity just popped up to be a purchaser for a mid to large sized company starting out at a little over 40k.

Just curious as to what to expect? Long hours? Stressful negotiations with vendors? Room for growth?

I'd just like to have a relative idea from someone with experience. Already did a Google search and discussed it a bit with my contact, but I was hoping for some more insight.

No one has any exposure to this position?

I just purchased a beer and its mighty cold Phone Post

Can you account for how many beers you'll have at the end of the night?

My girlfriend is a purchaser/buy/requisition officer/some shit for a state university. She makes pretty good money, but she works long hours, and works when she gets home. Might not be the typical experience, though, and she works on some special projects.