Anyone around 40 and unable to grow a sick beard?

use a good beard oil. what little hairs you have will absorb the oil and make your beard look fuller. wont look as good as a real mans beard but it’ll be a little better than what u have now.

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The Peanut Butter Solution

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For me, it always looked whisky tango up until month 2, when it became barely passable with proper trimming. I always gave up at the 1 month mark before. Just remember, when you’re stringy maintenance/grooming is more important because the few high strands high on your cheeks look extra gross and the thick hair on your neck needs to be shaved clean, or it will make the hair on your face look even thinner.

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my facial hair is too thin - it could grow long, but u would still see thru to my skin, so it’d be pointless


I had a big ass beard last year during the lock down. I wasn’t even sure I could grow a beard before that because I have so many blonde hairs.

Anyways, I got all messed up one night and ate every bag of chips in the house. Next day I am sitting there and found a chip deep inside my beard. I am thinking of growing it out again but the eating is such a pain in the ass, like you said.

One time I was driving and I fly came in my window and I didn’t know where the fuck it went. A couple minutes later it crawled out of my beard and I took that as a sign that it was time to shave it. I grow one every winter. Until like 5 years ago I didn’t think I could grow a good one but I can.


When I grew mine out some of the blonde hair turned brown so it “Filled” in a couple of areas.

I think I will grow it now since I am off for a bit.