Anyone around 40 and unable to grow a sick beard?

Same here, my beardless brother

It gets to that in-between stage where it starts to looks messy but if you give it a couple weeks it starts to tame itself. Once it’s gets long enough you can run a comb through it, it’s nice and filled out. One of the most refreshing feelings is to take a shower after you wake up in the morning and comb your beard. It makes you feel like a new man. You go from looking homeless to like someone who actually takes care of themselves.


They say that just letting it grow for a while and then shaving doesn’t really work, but I never really had hair grow on my cheeks, just the jawline and goatee, but I have been leaving the hair on for a month at a time and then completely shaving and now the hair is starting to come in thicker. Could be a coincidence, but maybe give it a try.

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If you really want a beard bad enough your best option is the micro needling and minoxidil combo. Do some research on it. It really works good for some people and not so much for other. Even just doing the micro needling can help. People use it for hair growth on their head as well. With the minoxidil it all just depends on how much of a responder you are to it. Some people are super responders and it really really works for them. Others it does nothing for. I forget what the shit in your body is called that effects whether you respond to it or not. You can even take some natural things that will help your body produce more of that.

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i’m 60 and cant grow a beard. lots of patches of no hair. dont have much hair on my body either

I have a great beard. I fucking love it. Its great because my previous job was not allowed to have much face hair.

You can get transplants for a beard just like on your noggin.

Fuuuuck… maybe I just go through my entire life without growing a beard. My Dad had such a full, luscious beard that I guess I stupidly thought I’d just grow in to a sick beard one day. Looks like the cards are probably stacked against me, because putting a bunch of microneedles for the chance of getting some growth, na. Sounds too scary, I might end up as a fuckin’ secret spy that thought he went to Mars and now people are trying to kill me or some shit.

I should just shave it clean and buy a black persons type of beard and stick it on me… They make fake beards for the blacks, too bad white people ain’t got something like that, and they think they got it bad in life.

lol getting a “plastic surgery” beard.

Nothing says a manly beard like paying to have a fake one attached.

Bro, that’s what all the darkies use. You ever wonder how theirs lines are so straight? Fake bro.

Well I aint a darkie and grow mine the old fashion way.

Seriously what type of beard are you looking for if you want to get a beard wig? The type of beard from a barista at starbucks?

If you get yourself a beard wig then you’ll end up looking like a hipster douche.

I want what this guys got… something luscious and lined up lookin good, instead it’s all stringy and patchy.

Hey, if I could say kill my neighbors dog, and then wake up the next day with a beard like this, but natural… I think I would. And I love dogs.

The way those beards work, they stick duct tape to his face, then apply the hair to it… that’s shit is crazy, how would that area of your face even breathe? I think it’d be hella itchy, itchier than a warm night in a sleepin bag with a crotch full of crabs.

46 and guilty. Can grow wicked goatee but then it’s patchy across my face.

42 and have a lucious beard…been growing it since just after Xmas.

I’ve got a wicked stache goin though… Tom Selleck would be envious…

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tom selleck art GIF

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Fuckers got me all beat. That fucker Selleck had the moustache of all moustaches… Most kids these days probably don’t know a thing about it. Dude’s Stache would get him poon, that’s how good it was.

It’s lucious and is super absorbent. best catch rag eva!

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Hold my beer

Burt Reynolds Beer GIF