Anyone been attacked by bed bugs?

I had a few little dots on my back and wondered WTF it was.. then the very next day I find a little black bug on my bedsheets!  So I've been freaking out and researching them and it says if you have 1 you have hundreds of eggs and babies around somewhere. 

I live in a newer apartment and never have seen more than 2 insects in the 12 months I've lived there.   Most people in my area have cockroach problems, but not my place.

I'm going to have my apartments spray for free, but this kind of worries me.. I might look to move elsewhere... 

If it is actually bed bugs, spraying won’t do shit.

Stay in hotels often? If you brought them home heat is the only thing that will kill them. 

I had bed bugs once and ended up moving 3 times and throwing everything away to finally get rid of them. Even now I'm still paranoid like a goddamn schizophrenic any time I see a small movement out of my eyes I'm looking for bedbugs. It's one of the worst experiences I've ever had to go through in my life. I hate to break the bad news but it's the truth. 

Find the source and eliminate it. I don't care if you have to throw away a brand new bed and couch. That's the only solution out of hundreds I tried to get rid of them. Countless thousands of dollars spent. 

Bed bugs aren't black. I've been in the pest control business for a long time. I'd be good to help you identify it if you have a picture? 


I had them once. Total fucking pain in the ass to get rid of. They like to like in tight dark spots, check the little seam on the edge of your mattress. Lift up the little flap that is on the seam and if you really have bed bugs youll freak the fuck out at what you see.

I got rid of them completely, but it took a lot of work. First, put a solid line of Diatomaceous earth around the room or the whole apartment about 2 inches away from the wall and around all your bedposts/whatever holds the mattress up. Also keep a spray bottle full of isopropyl alcohol handy and spray down any you see, also spray down every inch of the mattress and in every nook and cranny of your fabric furniture. Iso alcohol kills the bugs and eggs on contact and the diatomaceous earth kills any bugs that try to cross over it.

Thats short term though. After doing that I threw out my bed/tables/chairs/couch/any other large furniture that they could hide in, then I cleaned everything else I owned and VERY thoroughly cleaned it with iso alcohol. And by thoroughly I mean I took apart everything that could be taken apart and wiped or sprayed every piece with alcohol, then put it either into new boxes or garbage bags and immediately took it out of the apartment.

Once you got everything completely cleaned and thrown away the shit you cant clean properly, move into a new place and buy new furniture.

Im pretty sure I got bedbugs from my sister and her scrubby boyfriend, but they insist that I got it from one of the packages I was constantly getting at the time (I was ordering a ton of stuff at the time, particularly from China).

Was bit head to toe by bed bugs at a cheap hotel in Malaysia. I must have had 200+ bites. The room looked fine but I woke up in the middle of the night with an itchy back so I turned on the lights and saw like 20 of them on my bed sheet with other ones coming on the walls and what not. Some were killed because I must have rolled over onto them and there was a little blood on the mattress.

As soon as I turned on the light most of them scampered away, but then once the light was off they returned. Terrible night. Needless to say I switched hotels the next day.

And they were dark dark brown almost black.

The little blood spots on the mattress and sheets arent from rolling onto them, its their shit. If I remember right they feed on your blood and shit it out. The small blood dots on mattresses/sheets are a good sign the place is infested.

Do the bites appear in a row?  That's a sign of bed bug bites for sure. I've had them in the last 4 apartments I lived in, they're a real widespread problem 

Too Rude - The little blood spots on the mattress and sheets arent from rolling onto them, its their shit. If I remember right they feed on your blood and shit it out. The small blood dots on mattresses/sheets are a good sign the place is infested.

It was from me rolling into them. The sheet was totally white before I turned off the light. An hour later I woke up scratching turned it on and 2 were dead and like 20 were moving. I killed as many as I could and got blood on the mattress and on the walls. Then I read the reviews for the hotel more carefully and it seems there were like 50 reviews from people warning there were bed bugs. Since then I always make sure to read all the 1 star reviews before I book any hotels.

Bedbugs might be the worst thing on this earth, and holy shit they are a pain in the ass to get rid of. 

This thread has given me the heeby jeeby's


Even nice hotels may have them. Always leave your luggage in the tub in the bathroom when your getting in the room. Then go and check the mattress before you grab your bags from the bathroom .They don’t live in the bathroom. 

Bed bugs are a thing of nightmares.... Thankfully ive never had them. Had a friend who did though. She woke up one day with bites everywhere. Lifted her mattress up and holy fucking shit. I will never forget that picture. Made me want to vomit. Im surprised they didnt eat her in her sleep, there were hundreds easily

I'm pretty sure I had them at one point. I was getting bites during sleep and there were brown streaks on the sheets. I then got a kitten that turned out to be obsesssed with bugs and I think she killed and ate them all because the problem went away.

We got them, and successfully got rid of them on our own. Until this happened a year ago, I had always heard the sleep tight rhyme but didn't even know what a bedbug was and didn't realize they were a real thing. Not sure of the source, but we think it was from one of our kids b-day parties. We usually only have small parties for family/close friends, but they are hitting the ages where they wanted friends from school. No prob, had about 10 little kids from my sons class over. Maybe coincidence...

The next few weeks my wife started complaining of "spider bites" or something. Then they were getting more frequent. I didn't notice anything so thought she was over-reacting. Then my daughter got bit. Then one night my wife jumps up, turns on the light and pulls off the blankets and found one tiny little bug.

She googled pics and figured out what it was. Tried a few different sprays and shit, washed the fuck out of everything etc. Never did see more or whatever, but the bites continued and got worse to the point we knew they were there but couldn't find them.

We have 3 bedrooms and 2 full living rooms, so getting new beds and couches wasn't an option. Finally what worked was a spray we found at Lowes. It's made by Hot Shot, in a white and purple bottle called Bed Bug and Flea Killer. My wife sprayed the fuck out of our house. Every bed, couch, carpet, baseboards etc. The shit was kind of strong and we all were sneezing like crazy to the point we left for the day. Came home that night and vaccumed everything, all furniture, carpets etc. Washed all blankets, curtains, and pillows, and scrubbed the carpets.

About 3 weeks later and bite free, we did the entire house again just to be sure because online said some eggs could still hatch, etc. Anyways, 2 full house assaults with that Hot Shot shit and it seems to have worked. Never saw another bug or another bite and its been quite some time.

My sister's dirt ass boyfriend brought them to my house. Worse part was I'd get home from a hospital trip and have no where to fucking relax and recover without getting bit. I went through room by room and threw out anything I could and packed everything else into black trash bags. Called an exterminator and that sumbitch cleared it up in one shot at $1250. Not another problem after that. And he sprayed an additional two times in the following month. 


Never again. 

Yup and the only thing that ever worked was spraying my bed with rubbing alcohol. I pretty much soaked both sides. But took care of the problem