Anyone been in a gang or MC?

I have NOT been in a GANG but just like now, I am able to navigate a DIVERSE selection of associations such as having Christian, Muslim, Jew friends of differenent Nationality/Ethnicity

so in my past I have known and associated with AAG(Asian American Gang), Mexican, Black Gang People all while NEVER dressing like a LOWrent THUG, more J-Crew LOL…and my ExRoomate Still Friend Family was Yakuza but he’s GAY and I’m not a THUG…same like the YAKUZA came to pay the respects at the GF GrandMa’s funeral yet neither of us are of Criminal Persuasion

I just try to be NICE to people and have some curiousity about different peoples which has lead to situations where I have had encounters with various types of social groups…

example once I was in Mexico enjoying DANCE at the Disco and a woman began dancing with me and then she and her group invited me to their Table. Some of them were Mexican Gang people from LA

Yakuza/Gang Culture can be common in Japan/Mexican-American peoples as example so it’s not such an unsual thing to encounter them if one ever associates with such peoples

So I enjoyed spending the evening with that group of Mexican-American people at their table and dancing and that woman gave me her number and we kept in contact for some time :grin: They were not offended by my JCrew expression :grin:

you know people have died for that cut right?

LOL. Why didn’t they just use El Rukns or Black P Stone Nation???


lol, no.

But one time in college I had a female friend over at my apartment. She came from a well-off family, and had gone to a private school. She read books in French. A real life Hillary Banks. I have no idea why she liked me, but she found a red bandana in my room. It was something my dad gave to me just so I would have a handkerchief. She assumed it meant I had been in a gang. I was very tempted to run with that and make up a story and see how much she would believe.


I think redrum mc is on the big island. It’s an all indigenous MC

I’ve never named the Club.

I believe their patch is a pineapple with a lei around it.

He’s a tampa bay studio gangster. Fake as fuck