Anyone been to a Comic Com?

Getting tickets for Boston one in August . Is It complete batshit crazy? Besides ultimate nerds I bet cosplay models are hot

There some hot cosplay chicks. Lots of fat pink haired chicks. Fat dudes and smell of BO.

Is it like a commune?

A friend of mine went back in 2003. His wife left him the week after and no woman has had sex with him since.


I’ve been to two. They were fun. Nerds abound for sure (I guess I’m one of them). This was a few years ago so maybe it’s changed but I don’t recall a lot of hot cosplay chics. They can be expensive if you want autographs and pix and such.

I had been to a local one and it wasn’t bad. If you just accept the nerddom. But the last one in 2019 had the schedule packed with seminars about drag queens. How to best apply the makeup, and what clothes to wear. And there was a drag queen competition scheduled there at one point. I passed on them after that.

Went to the big one they do in San Diego about 10 years ago for work. You could tell that the geek populations of other cities were lower that day due to them all being in SD.

Go every year to downtown San Diego just to walk around and check out all the various free stuff outside the convention center. Never have had a badge or gone in, and have no desire to really. The party is outside in the gaslamp

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Wife and I go to DragonCon every year in Atlanta. Its pretty fun. We spend a lot of time in the vendor area, really the main reason we go.

No, I’m not a faggot

I went to one once. I got my picture taken with Judge Reinhold and met Carl Weathers and bought an autographed photo from him.

No but I’ve been to fart con, where naked fat chicks line up and fart on your dick for thirty dollars

I went from 86-90 then went in 2007-8 have not been since.

I went to a relatively small one in NYC several times in the mid to late 2000s. Lots of older pro wrestlers there with tables, old actresses from B movies I’d never heard of, a couple of Playmates one time (Tiffany Taylor and another I didn’t know), several well known former comic book artists (Neal Adams the only one whose table I was interested in stopping by), mostly sellers but not exclusively comic book stuff, no cosplayers. I don’t know what that comic con was called but it was held in a hotel opposite Madison Square Garden.

I also went to the New York Comic Con on its the second year. That was a much bigger convention and there were cosplayers and a couple of the chicks were pretty good looking. Some of the booths also had professional models who were hired to dress up in the costumes and those girls tend to be hot. I learned from that one experience at NYCC that the atmosphere was too crowded and noisy for me, I got tired pretty quickly and had to leave after a couple of hours there. I would not have been able to endure SDCC judging from that experience since the NYCC was way smaller in comparison back then.

Edit: I saw Bruno San Martino the former pro wrestler and Lou Albino at the small comic con. Bruno was probably in his 70s but was in great shape and looked very intimidating even in his old age. Barrel chested, flat waist, muscular.

I just wanna go and tell him it’s an honor to meet someone who was in the greatest1980’s kids adventure……… stranger things