Anyone been to a Tony Robbins seminar?

Dratherbe - I've been to UPW - and to Wealth Mastery, Date with Destiny, and will be going to Life Mastery later this year.


Tony is amazing. The strategies do work - if you apply them. If you go you'll see one of the greatest speakers living today, quite a few seminar junkies, and some people that are very successful.

Thanks man.

yes, go and you will love it. He considers himself a life coach. its pretty neat. You cant go and not enjoy it.

Why are people attending more than one seminar? Surely if it's that good, you only need to go once

A mod on the forum G. Hester aka Momentum is supposed to be pretty good friends with Tony Robbins. I've read some of his books and think he's excellant. Never been to a seminar though.

dontbehatin - seriously. save the money. you're pretty pathetic if you need a cheerleader to get your life going in the right direction. be reasonable. do you really think that ONE weekend seminar is going to transform your life?

if you're serious about making changes, you have to understand that it's going to take some work. if you really need some motivation, go read a couple of books or watch some shit on youtube or something.

it's just like losing weight. the fatties at your office are always looking for some miracle pill or some miracle diet or workout that will give them a slim figure effortlessly. instead of having the discipline to reduce their caloric intake and the work ethic to go to the gym, these fatties look for quick fixes that never work.

becoming successful is the same way. you can either put in the work required to achieve your goals or you can be like the fatties and just look for some miracle seminar.

one other thing to consider. if you do attend the seminar, just know that the people who are making buttloads of money off your failure look down on you and are laughing at you all the way to the bank.

You really live up to your screen name, lol. You sound like a insecure, immature douchebag who has nothing really going for you. Maybe you should go see Tony.

BTW, I don't need a "cheerleader" in my life. Actually I'm living the life of my dreams right now but am stuck on a couple of things. Things that I think someone like Tony could help me with. Plus the environment you're in is often THE difference in that change, ie. a seminar.

To the haters: Of course, Tony's shit sounds like common sense in retrospect, but once you get past the simple stuff, Tony gives some excellent pointers and ideas on how to continue to do awesome shit.

You may as well say anyone who had to go to BJJ or boxing class and be taught how to throw a jab or shoot a double doesn't deserve to be good at marital arts because they should have known that shit beforehand.

As for the losers who run from seminar to seminar and never find their lives getting any better: they're fucking losers. They aren't good at anything but failure. Really, the seminars are making them better losers (teaching them how to avoid doing anything that will make their lives "better"). So, I guess it does work for them too.


BaldTony - Why are people attending more than one seminar? Surely if it's that good, you only need to go once

Why do people go to church more than once? Why go to BJJ more than once?

They must not be that good.

 because i'm good enough, smart enough, and gosh darn it, people like me.

the one thing you can be sure of after the thousands and thousands of thread of this kind over the years is that it is all of the successful people saying 'yes, more than your money's worth' and all the middling people saying 'waste of money! don't be lazy'

waste of money

the guy however is a great salesperson

demandango - the one thing you can be sure of after the thousands and thousands of thread of this kind over the years is that it is all of the successful people saying 'yes, more than your money's worth' and all the middling people saying 'waste of money! don't be lazy'

Truth. The two near-universal constants among successful people I know are hard work and a positive attitude. The flipside is true for the losers.



JiujitsuForeva - I am reading a book by a "self-help" guru named Jim Rohn. He seems much more grounded and realistic when it comes to achieving what wants in life. Less "Raa raa" more advice.

He does have a bit of a religious bent which detracts from his writing but at least he does not hide it.

Jim Rohn just died in December of last year. He was Tony Robbins' first mentor - and a mentor to millions.

I think Tony is the best in the world when it comes to Personal Development. I have a long history with Tony and in the personal development world. Jim Rohn was always my favorite outside of Tony. There are no bad Jim Rohn products. In reality there are tons of great teachers in Personal Development. Tony is just different. I think a big reason is that he stills tries to be the best student. That guy is on a lifetime pursuit to grow and contribute and plays different than almost anyone I have meet in my lifetime.

That being said, here is where I see personal development for most people. They do all these seminars, get all this awareness and get all these tools. They forgot that to get results they need integration of the information and to learn how to think. Knowledge is not power until it is put into action. Everyone I know who has been successful long-term shares one common trait - Unwaivering Pigheaded Discipline. It is OK to look for answers from many sources. However, if you don't do anything with the information, I am not sure it creates anything but chaos and frustration.

By the way, I just was at Tony's Business Mastery in Vegas and going to Fiji in August with him for 2 weeks. I always learn something from his events even when he is teaching an area that is my expertise.

Jim Rohn was just a simple, great guy. There is wisdom in all his writings. He message never changed much over the years. In addition, he delivery was great. It was like listening to an old sage sharing their wisdom. I have never heard anyone have any negative to say about Jim. He will be greatly missed by many but his teachings and impact will live on indefinitely.

I say get his books and see what you make of them. If you can't get motivated and results from his books, the more expensive seminar isn't going to make any difference.

Thanks for sharing Momentum!

I can certainly understand why guys like EM can't give Tony his props:

1. Conspiracy theorists are convinced that they are smarter than everyone else. There's a lot of ego on the line.

2. Conspiracy theorists tend to externalize their problems. The reason why they have the problems they do is because of 'The Man', 'The Illuminati', 'The Bilderbergs', etc. Success coaching tends to focus on helping people see, understand, and modify their own limiting beliefs and habits. It's internal.

Oil & Water.

EvilMaster - Like any other self help guru. It is the self help guru who benefits the most from you spending your money to see him. He isn't going to say anything that hasn't been said a million times before. If you aren't a very smart person, he may teach you something. If you are a smart person, you will realize quickly that he just wants your money.

There is no shortcut to attaining wisdom or enlightenment. No self help guru can give that to you in a couple hour seminar.

Save your money imo.

You can find the books or materials nearly free of charge.

Find a couple good mentors. Smart successful people that you look up to are usually willing to give you their opinion and guidance.