Anyone been to bullriding rodeo? TMA

For a 3 day event, which is the best day to go? I would guess the last day, but dont really know


is closest to shoots best place to sit ?

the end of teh last day. bullriding is always last. everyone is also drunk.

edit a bullriding rodeo? missed taht, so its 100% bullriding?

PBR nashville stampede days - i assume its just bullriding

Haven’t been to a PBR event in years, but most smaller events have bull riding, bronc busting, barrel racing and calf roping.

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Forget all the XGames stuff … climbing on that bull is a REAL extreme sport. Great fun to watch as long as you are not one of those PETA folks, :wink:

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Did it for 7 years…my best advice is find a weekly practice buck out near you. It’s usually free, it’s fun and you can get real close. You’ll see all the inner workings behind the chutes, in the chutes, and post buck off/get off. There’s a lot to it.


A little off topic, but interesting timing as I was just at a cemetery which is the resting place of several rodeo people including I believe a couple of world champions.

Couple of them pretty famous.

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That’s so cool! It really is. I did two bull rides in the 90’s at a rodeo because I have a big mouth and used to be more balls than brains.

It might be the scariest thing I’ve ever done.

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The whole sport is dangerous. Ever seen the back of a ropers hand? There’s a reason they like wear them cotton gloves. It looks like 3rd degree burn scars.

Pro calf ropers make it look easy as pie…1, 2 and a hooey. :laughing: That shit is seriously specialized.

Bulldoggers…fuck their body’s taken a beating.

:laughing: I could go on and on.

Yeah especially those first few times. The adrenaline rush about made me pass out. :laughing:

Man you just can’t come in here and tell us you did this stuff when OGers are just asking bout attending an event.

Nah man good advice.

Yes seems crazy.

One of these fella’s graves has me doing a bit of reading about him seemed like he lead a full colorful life. Rodeo, OSS, Chinese parachutists and more.

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