Anyone been to Pai, Thailand?

Planning a trip next year and thinking of venturing to Pai. Hopefully do some training at charn chai gym. Anyone been? How did you travel there? Phone Post 3.0

Shit, sorry for the late response here mate.

Yeh, I've been. Went for a bit over a month in Jan and Feburary last year. Was meant to train at Charn Chai for the whole time but stopped after a week and a half as I hurt my leg falling from my scooter (fuckin farang I know :P).

I'd definitely recommend it. I haven't been to other MT gyms but I'm thinking it's probably not as 'serious' as a lot of other gyms in the country. The coaches are all still pretty good though and they're really great, approachable guys which makes it a really good experience.

Bee, who owns it, is a really genuine, chilled guy. I called him when I arrived in Pai and he met me in town and rode me to my guesthouse. Ya gotta remember I'm fucking nobody, just a noob who wanted to learn some MT and stay in Pai for a month and he dropped everything on a Sunday afternoon to help me out. That's kindness right there.

I made a lot of friends for life through that gym, and hopefully I'll go back soon if I get the opportunity.


Thanks for getting back to me man. How did you get from Chiang Mai to Pai? Seems like a nightmare drive Phone Post 3.0

There are shitload of services that run the trip in 12 seater vans and sell tickets by the seat. I was lucky cos I was able to book it directly through the backpackers I was staying it in CM (+ a small commission fee) and they came to my backpackers to pick me up.

It is a nightmare drive lol. All the stories ya hear are true. Bends and hills every 30-40 metres, which is why it takes over 3 hours to drive the 130kms haha. Still though, at just 150 baht its way cheaper than the 25 minute plane ride (which would go for about 2000 baht).

I love Pai hey, def one of the best places I've been to. Definitely not authentic Thailand, more like a harmonious mix of Thai, western and eclectic/hippie kinda atmosphere, but I love it.

It's also one of the few touristy areas where noone hassles you on the streets every 2 minutes :P

i drove it on a scooter from Chiang Mai to Pai. But i definitely don't recommend it. It's a horrible ride. Listen to BrunoMcGyver. Before i was in Thailand he gave me a lot of advice about Pai and Chiang Mai in general. Love the place. I think i'm going to go back to thailand.

Haha thanks for the compliments Mr Wolvie, but I'm certainly no expert, just a man who loves that part of Thailand. I'll prolly be going in December/January if I don't get any accounting internships lined up.

There's a facebook group called 'Our Pai Family' which has a lot of Thai and farang who live in Pai. There's a lot of ads for houses up for rent and for new cafes and restaurants (they seem to be popping up like mad!). Def keep hitting me up if you want info though, hopefully I can help and you'll be bringing back good memories in my life.