Anyone build plyo boxes?

I'm interested in building some plyo boxes, who here has done this?

What did yall buy and how much did it all cost? How did you build your's?

Go to Crossfit's site and search plyo boxes, they have an article that gives you exact plans and instructions on how to build them.

I'm trying to change things up man...

i am not revealing doo doo until i see more pics from Barnes and Noble.

I'm working on it ;)

I looked for the article on how to build your own over at Crossfit but couldn't find it. Can you post a link?

Crossfit Thread on Box Making

What we did here at my gym was just get those big blue recycling bins and screw a thick piece of wood to the base of it. Works pretty well.

There is an easy solution:

Step one:

Practise jumping on to the neighours cars bonnet.

Step 2:

Progress to boot/trunk.

Step 3:

Progress to car roof.

Step 4 (optional)

Progress to said (angry) neighbours head (may even get some free rolling time is you misjudge).


But my neighbor can kick my ass :-(

Thanks fabes.

I was sad to see your neighbor lose in Bodog. He looked great up until he got caught. He can rejoice in knowing that he is still very popular in the Fabes household.