Anyone build their own sled?

Been doing a lot of anarobic and plyometric stuff pulls, sledgehammer, stadium stair sprints, etc. and I was thinking about getting into the sled routine, as well.

But no way do I have it in my budget right now to pay $150 for one, or whatever it is they cost.

Have any of you tried to build you own?  Care to share?

I did....using "sled", and it brought me to this thread :)

Eh, I think I found some stuff.

Too bad that old links from the site just bring you to the homepage of this site now.  But I found some stuff to get started with, I think.

I like that idea.

When i get desperate i just wrap a chain through some holes in plates. Voila.

a lot of thai fighters/camps will improvise due to resources.

I've seen ropes or chains fastened to a tire. Then fastened to a belt around the waist (weightlifting belt would be good for this)...add bags of sand into the well of the tire to increase weight. Great thing is...they don't wear out fast even if dragged on the road and can easily replace re-build components.

I have one of those snow sleds that looks like a big trashcan lid with handles that works pretty damn good. It was only like $30 too...if that.

I'd say go to but the site is down... damn!!! Anyway, he used a plastic saucer sled.


I used to use a rugged backpack that was big enough to put plates or sandbags into. I'd do runs and such in a field, and would attach the backpack to me via chain and belt.