anyone buy from

i was wondering if anyone has bought stuff from and had a good deal? girlfriend's favorite fighter is nickdiaz so i bought her a hoodie from back in beginning of march, my debit card was credited and i never recieved my product. I sent plenty of e-mails but never got a response. Anybody have a similar problem or have a good-run in with the site...what should i do?


Does he have any good weed?

don't care

sorry about that, basically Nick decided to let his girlfriend run the store and she isn't very good at it to put it nicely.. however she is still in charge and has been for about a year.. I'd say either wait and pray or ask paypal for your money back.. you could also try contacting Nick or Nathan through myspace.. it has taken a few people up to 6 months to get their gear..


I hate staff like that.

SO they are basicily stealing money from honest fan?

"I guess you overlooked where it says:
If you have not recieved your back-ordered shirt please contact:"

I guess you overlooked where it says: "I sent plenty of e-mails but never got a response"

send an e-mail that sez " team pulver sucks"....

no they are not stealing money, they will send your gear.. it just might take you awhile for them to send it, and for you to get it.. some people have got their stuff in like 2 weeks so who knows it might show up tomorrow..

so people here find normal that you pay something and that you have to wait from 2 weeks to several months to get your shiet....if you get it.

I guess it is just the UG being the UG

ordered a hoodie in October and got it at the start of March soooo it takes a long time and they had no excuses but i did get it haha. Made me happy!

at least emails can be responded to customers/fans... sucks.

I did great buyz

hate to hear this because i feel compelled to support him after he got
burned by the suits

He let his girlfriend run HIS website!!

What is he, high!! :-)

^lol^........well if some of you are saying the truth and it takes a long time i guess i'll wait a little more but they should respond to e-mails.......shitty business.....and i thought nick and her broke up anyway

damn, I was really considering buying some stuff from there too but now I'm not 2 sure

"If you have not recieved your back-ordered shirt please contact:"


I before E except after C, IMO.

I ordered order something and the box was hand delivered by the DEA. It was a bad day