Anyone competing in the Police/Fire games?

Just wondering if anyone is competing in the games in the grappling division?

When and where is it?

Are you talking about the one in Vancouver next summer? I looked at their website and did not see grappling on the list of sports they are having. I saw they have wrestling, judo, karate, and TKD though. If they did have a grappling event I would consider going.

I think the Can-Am police/fire games have submission wrestling

The World Police/Fire Games do not have grappling, at least they haven't in the past.
I was in Quebec in 2004, no grappling. Only what mentioned before.
in Vancouver 2009

You mean in Saskatoon on July 15? I'll be there- over 216 and absolute divisions.

I will be there for the under 216 not to sure about absolute yet

I do mean the ones in Saskatoon on the 15th

there's a few guys that train in Winnipeg at team Canada MMA under Rodrigo Munduruca making the trip north- well two so far...

I'm in

The sub grappling event is July 15 Tuesday morning at 09:00 a.m. I'm in as well. 160lbs and the absolute if they are having one.

160Lbs ?

I thought it was 167.5 Lbs ?

 Chris you bastard wtf? where have you been?

i think i'm still employed with the government, so Desautels my best friend, i think i'll take that gold medal!! lol. If they allow old men to enter!!
jeff wiley

LOL, nice try Wiley! I think if you tell your boss off and walk of the job and don't work a shift ever again (well over a year ago) then you are no longer an employee. Besides, I think you're in the old balls division anyway, haha.

Sorry Sean, I'll be there tonight.


Congrats to everyone that competed yesterday at the Can-am's. It was a great event, lots of fun matches. Met lots of cool people !