Anyone cringe during Cyborg fight?

I don't mean to hate on women's MMA, but I just don't enjoy seeing women get beat up. Cyborg obviously has heart and skill, but I just can't enjoy seeing a woman get beat up. It doesn't matter the skill level. For some reason the same nasty KO pulled off on a dude would be great, but on a woman is disturbing. Are my own preconceived notions normal, or am I a chauvinist?

 I won't outright call you chauvinistic, but you are literally saying that you like fighting just not when it's women hitting each other. That...well, sort of speaks for itself.

The UG's the definition of patriarchy though so I wouldn't feel too bad about it. Fairly par for the course, no big deal really. This is after all a place where we talk about how we're going to crush the vag of every hot girl we see and where homosexuality is used as a deragotory. Hell, I'll probably get some gay jokes for even posting this!

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Please don`t ask stupid questions.Back away from the computer.Go get some restful sleep & try again tomorrow.

Like I said Crowbar, I don't mean to disrespect women fighters. In fact I think it's awesome that they fight. I am sure that Cyborg could probably kick my ass. For some reason though, I just can't enjoy them. The same 16 second fight with two men would of had me jumping up and down, but I had to look away during that fight with a weird feeling of anxiety.