anyone do this?

In training, do you try really crazy stuff in spurts? lately i've been trying to broaden my game alot both in subs and striking, and been having alot of fun with it to be truthful, but the training partners seem to be doing alot better when i do this stuff, which i guess is good for their confidence and their training but do you feel like your cheating them when you try goofy stuff successful or not?

No, not cheating anyone. Investing in loss. Makes both parties better.

imo a big part of training is finding out what works...

I'm always trying Genki Sudo style stuff, almost pulle off a flying triangle once.


I do a loot of spinning backfists and spinning kicks in kickboxing class and flying armbars and rolling kneebars when we grapple.It really makes it hard for people to time my movements.

When I do my spinning backfist I do it off of my teep so anymore when I throw a teep my opponents will automatically duck down assuming I'm going to spin.Now I teep and throw a headkick and now they're really confused