Anyone done work on their family tree?

I’ve been working on my family tree for the past while. Learned fuck-tons about my family. Before I start, I honestly knew very little. I managed to trace back convincingly to the 1670’s to my 9th great-grandparents. My 8th great-grandmother’s nephew owned a castle here. I’ve visited it before, but never knew we had family connections to it.

On other lineages of the tree, I managed to get back to the late 1700’s / early 1800’s. It really just depends on what records you get lucky on.

Found out two of my great-grandfathers fought in WW1, a long with 2 of my 2nd great-grandfathers. Found all of their military records. My great-grandmother lost her first husband on the Western Front in WW1, he was gassed by the Germans apparently. I did him the honour of researching him as best I can so he won’t be forgotten. Even found his grave (It’s in Belgium). Perhaps I’ll visit it one day. She also lost her child a few months later to the Spanish Flu. I can only imagine how difficult that year was for her.

The best part of the journey though was getting to know relatives that were completely disconnected from my family.

All of my grandfather’s siblings moved to Ireland to England, with the exception of him who stayed here in Ireland. So we kinda lost contact with them. But after DNA testing - on my dad’s side - my dad’s first cousin, and my 2nd cousin both popped up on my DNA relatives. They knew very little about my side of the family, so I told them everything I knew about the family. Sent them on pictures, records, personal stories, etc… It helped them tons. They basically knew nothing about the Irish side of the family.

On my mother’s side, my mother’s first cousin and a 2nd cousin popped up. Both of them had been researching my mother’s side of the family for decades and had tons of information and photos that they shared with me. We’re going to all meet up soon once I’m vaccinated and talk about research. I’m looking forward to it.

Honestly, doing this over the past year has helped me get through the year. It’s been a fucking weird one, that’s for sure.

I definitely recommend anyone who hasn’t done it to give it a bash! If anyone needs help with Irish records, just let me know and I’ll be happy to help. I’ve subscriptions to all the major records.

Any personal stories on research? Would love to hear them!

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On my Moms side I can trace back to 1600s.

On my Dads side I can trace back to his mother and vague guesses about any fathers on that side at all.

Guess if it was my mom or dad who brought me the melanin!

Where did her family come from? That’s pretty cool - it’s difficult to get back that far with confirmed records. Especially here anyways.

I hate branches so I’m just gonna fuck in a straight line.

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No, my family tree burned down years ago.

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I found out that I’m God

Brits mainly with some Irish and Polish sprinkled around. How my Great Grandma wound up in Poland as a Jew I still dont understand. Maybe she converted?

Interesting. I doubt she converted though? What timeframe was this? WW2 or earlier?

I actually just cut one down in my parents yard a few weeks back.

Oh wait…

Great grandma was in poland prior to ww2 and thru it.

Rest of the family was mostly in the US. I cant find out how or why she moved to Poland. Then after the war she and her family came back to the US.

Thats all I know. That is IIRC the mom of my grandfather.

My grandmas mother was part of a line that stayed in America once they got here. Actually have a history book detailing her side which is where most of my knowledge of it comes from.

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I got my maternal grandmother traces back to the Scottish Highlands. That ancestor was captured by Cromwell’s forces and somewhere like 20,000 were sent to Barbados as slaves. After Cromwell was defeated their sentence was changed to indentured servitude. Eventually his son made it to North Carolina by way of Virginia and became the first of the clan to make it to the US.

I’m pretty sure my paternal grandfather comes from Scandinavia or somewhere in the UK by way of Vikings because that did of the family carries a lot of dominate traits similar to such and my last name carries the -son suffix like a lot of Scandinavian names, but if you are familiar with genealogy you know that can easily find a curve ball with this.

My maternal grandfather and paternal grandmother are mainly Creek Indian and it’s hard to trace too much past the Dawe’s Rolls (think like a roll call list for a field trip, but the field trip is the The Trail of Tears.). My grandmother was a Poarch Creek. After the Red Stick War the Creek went one of three places. Most “White Sticks” which were the “Civilized Tribes” were moved from Georgia to Oklahoma. Red Sticks or the Orthodox Tribes either were sent to Oklahoma, stayed in Alabama and formed the Poarch Band, or if they were fugitives they escaped to the Everglades and formed the Seminole with the Miami and escaped slaves. Maybe I’ll luck up and find some info, but I’m prepared to be let down.


She could have married into it… She would have had to convert.

This is what I thought but I cant find anything on it and anyone with first hand knowledge is dead.

Mine goes straight up. No branches

Mine was tough, what with the spotty records kept in Los Angeles for beaners and immigrants in the mid-to-late 1800’s, so beyond there some leaps of faith are required. My bloodline supposedly goes back to the Aztecs, where a few were “converted” to christianity by the Spanish and one couple baptized with my family name. The fucking traitors were translators and “missionaries”. So we didn’t start out that shiny. That’s the first recorded instance of my name appearing in somewhat reliable records. Beyond there, one of my great-grandparent(s) were supposed to be of Apache blood, so again, records are for shit in the Arizona/Texas/New Mexico region for Indians in the 17 & 1800’s. My aunt did genetic testing so she found out she was about 45% mexican/Spanish, 40+% American Indian, and then a mish-mash of other little shit too.

My mom’s side goes back, supposedly, to vikings landing in Newfoundland and then interbreeding a-plenty went on there for generations before we get to my mom. Never really looked into that side, the crackers in my family hated the brownies so we never were very close, I’ve no contact with any of 'em.

So, I guess my family tree is a couple of mismatched, twisted, gnarled trunks with a heap of weeds at the base. Diseased, mishapen, and my branches die with me.

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Only on the dago side cuz we come from old royalty there. The mick side is just full of drunken peasants. But I guess that part is to be expected.

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Oh fuck me. I forgot OP was Irish.

Foot In Mouth GIF

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I’m related to that chick that founded theosophy in the 1800s.

lmao. luckily enough, we’re not easily offended so don’t worry

Interesting. One of his cannonballs are still wedged in the walls of one of the towers here in my city.

I’ve a few friends enrolled - I’m familiar with the Dawes roll. I’ve been in contact with some Choctaw friends for a while, they helped us out during the Irish famine.