Anyone done work on their family tree?

Probably not but whatever.
For one, cousin marriage is not that bad, in fact, distant cousins marrying is the best genetic outcome. (Again this is basic biology but people have been stupified almost beyond hope)

On top of that, people seek out similar people. On average, your wife and friends will have similar IQ and genes. A random friend of yours will be more related to you than the next random person. So people around that time would have felt more secure and intimate around people who look, feel, act and talk like him. Colonies and settlers tended to carry their biography quite expressly around.


His Raiders were glorified thugs. They burned down Lawrence KS. I think Jesse James and his brothers road with them.

Nasty border war

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My brother has done lots of work on ours for a number of years.

My maternal side we can only get to late 1800s as they were all off the boat Polish immigrants and the records in Poland seem to have been blown up or just not shared with the rest of the world.

My paternal side we get to 1400s England with certainty; my paternal grandmother was direct descendant of the first child born on the Mayflower in Cape Cod harbor.

My paternal grandfathers line, and our last name to this day, are descended from Free People of Color from Delaware, the Delaware Moors. Mixed over the years with good white Euro farmers daughter stock as our family moved to the Midwest and larger farms.

DNA tests confirm all as well.

We were shocked as growing up my paternal grandparents story to us was they were German and or Swiss immigrants. Had no idea about the heavy English Mayflower lineage or coming from FPOC.

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Yup… No offense but your great great grandpappy was a shithead. Those guys were more a stick up crew that military. I’ll give them this, though, they changed warfare by leaps and bounds. Since they were robbing folks he had his me buy their own Colt Revolvers instead of carrying rifles. The Armies just couldn’t afford to issue repeating arms even though they were readily available by then. I don’t remember which movie it was, but at the beginning, after the James Brothers join up with the Raiders you see him bust out of the bush on horseback sporting 6 revolvers across his torso. As stupid as it looks that’s actually historically accurate. A Raider could fire of 36 rounds without reloading or dismounting when a well trained rifleman was still only getting off about 3 shots a minute. A Raider was basically a one man Army. That’s how, as gross as it was, they were able to kill 180 in Lawrence and burned the city to the ground.

Another interesting fact… A person will claim you are spreading racist conspiracy theories if you claim there were a few freedmen that fought for the Confederacy and you’ll never change their minds. The groups best Scout was a Freedman named John Nolan. He even survived the war and met with the other survivers for reunions years after the war. People can’t stand that complicated.

“My great-grandmother was a Cherokee princess!!!” - E-V-E-R-Y semi-hot chick with some sort tan, that you meet at a country bar/dance-hall in Texas. And some others that aren’t even hot.

I am not defending my great grandfather. But it is the history.

Quantrill was a murderous thief before the War and then just adapted to it. Nasty characters like him probably thrived in the War as morality and laws were de emphasized

“They didn’t have Princesses, and we fuckin’ HATE the Cherokee!”

  • What I even have to tell white trailer park dudes with ponytails.

It’s funny… It’s ALWAYS Cherokee. It doesn’t even matter where they are from. It could be some cracker that says his family has lived in Arizona since it was Mexico. Then they’ll say they are Indian.

“Really? Navajo? Hopi?”

“My GrAnDmOtHeR wAs A cHeErOkEe PwReEnThEtH!”

It’s ok to be white. I promise. Shit… In the Southeast even light skinned black chicks say they are part Cherokee.

Everyone claims Cherokee because Cherokee Nation has no BQ requirements. Lots of members are descendants of people who bought their way onto rolls and have zero native blood. A lot of natives consider CN a meme at this point and don’t take them seriously. UKB at least has some BQ requirements.

It’s a point of contention for real natives when they see some 1/32 white dude thinking he’s as native as a fullblood kid who grew up on the rez.

During 2020 I spent about 15-20 hours recording phone interviews with 4 of my relatives that are over 95 years old, about their lives and about our ancestral homeland for the past 300 years in Maine. It is invaluable and since then one has passed.


They all grew up in the depression and were living in their 11th historical decade. Just insane to consider. I am also very happy that I sat down with my grandparents and video taped them talking to me about every photo in their oldest albums from childhood etc. I recommend doing that too with your elders.

I actually plan on recording a conversation with my grandmother. My other grandmother - he mind is gone bless her, and she doesn’t have much time left. So I’m going to try record as much as I can.

Trust me… White Americans DO NOT know what blood quantum or Indian Rolls are. It traces back to, for some reason, so many families having passed down lore that some family member was Cherokee. I think it has more to do with the long history of the Cherokee’s allegiance to the English and their early adaption of “Civilized” culture. Actually the Five Civilized Tribes and most post Mississippian tribes have no reason to have a blood quantum because of how the old culture worked. First, if you’re mother was a tribal member, you were. There’s no exceptions to that rule. That’s how the tribes of the Confederation ended up with so many Chiefs and Council members with white surnames. These children were basically pawns for political influence because a man not directly raising his kid in traditional ways while still being involved with them was the cultural norm. It was usually the maternal grandfather and uncles job to teach a child hunting, oral lore/history, ways of Tribal politics ect. Another issue is if a warrior was captured in war they had a period of indentured servitude then they are adopted fully by the tribe even to the point they could gain political power and sit on councils. The big one is blood quantum is used, current day, to discriminate against Black Freedmen. When the Indian Rolls were taken, freed slaves and intermarried Freedmen were given full membership. When the casino money started rolling in and property started value started increasing blood quantum was used to cut people out of the wealth, especially especially Freedmen. The Indian Government always denied this discrimination, but after the Stigler Act was repealed that set a 50% blood quantum at the Federal level the Cherokee and Creek had no choice but to be honest and had to restrict membership to Freedmen, directly. So now the real reason the Cherokee Nation has no blood quantum is the Chief lost a Federal Supreme Court case that ruled the family of Freedmen could sue the Chief directly, in Federal court instead of Tribal Court for their families property. If this happened with quantum in place the former tribal wealth would automatically qualify for Federal Taxation and shit like Eminent Domain so the tribe had the option of dropping quantum or losing control of casts amount of land and wealth. The Creek Nation is still fighting Creek Freedmen for readmittance into the tribe which is really the main reason I don’t care if my family is on the Rolls or not even though I try to keep up with the goings-on. Quantum is bullshit and goes against the Ancient Creeks cultural beliefs. So yeah, that’s the story of blood quantum and white people have no idea what it is.

The thing about anything tribal (similar to the Celtic Clan structure) is it is more about the culture and politics. In the day members were constantly in and out of the Tribe for political reasons similar to how European nobility consolidated power over the entirety of Europe through strategic marriage. I honestly think Tribes should require a cultural, and civics oriented test for entry similar to the test a person has to take for US citizenship. There is a written test on history, culture, civics ect that probably 80% of born US citizens couldn’t pass. The honest reason is there is zero motivation for young members to carry on culture. The true meme aspect of the tribes in Oklahoma is gangs, rap, and drugs have a far stronger foothold that knowledge of the past. Honestly, the Eastern Band of Cherokee are one of the few tribes doing it right. When I was young that place was such a sad shit hole. It was run down. The only economy was run down stores selling Made in China hand drums and generic knick knacks, and the whole reservation shut down during the winter. Instead of just using their casino for a pay check, they started civic programs that gave the members true economic independence and a Cultural Renaissance. They have built museums, and education programs. Their language is taught in schools and even the street signs are in English and Cherokee. Even the businesses supporting the casino are independently owned by tribal members… From the gas stations to the tattoo parlor because they treat their casino shares more like stock dividends than welfare driving overall economic growth instead of a welfare state. It’s pretty cool to see happen in the course of a couple of decades. So yeah… All this is far more political wrangling like it was before Mississippian tribes had even seen a white person. It’s why I really hate when some white SJW tries preaching to me about my “whiteness” in how I talk about Indians because it’s not victimhood, peace, and hippy bullshit coming out of my mouth. War, politics, territorial warfare, violence, and even pollution and deforestation way before Europeans ever found us. It’s honestly like some type of fetish that white people have. I get that there isn’t much to it, but what’s wrong with an American culture and identity? Everyone is so caught up with what they were instead of what we’re going to be. It’s so hollow and desperate.