Anyone else a Napper!?

Anyone kind of nod off if they are comfortable or if they know energy must be conserved or rebooted and have a ten or fifteen min power nap ?

Ever just burn the fuck out on a joint and nap quickly!? Tell me bros Phone Post 3.0

This is a thread to meet a soulmate isn't it. Phone Post 3.0

I have a 3 and 5 year old that make sure I never nap.

I am a world class napper. I could fall asleep standing up in a canoe (note I stole that line from the book "Puck is a four letter word") Phone Post 3.0

i try and incorporate naps often especially on weekends, the benefits are enormous but the "recharging" starts well after the 10 min mark, it's a huge misconception to think 10-15 min does much for you,

kinda like people who wanna lose weight by walking 10 min on their lunches or hitting the gym for the lightest of light work outs, sure it doesn't hurt per se but there is most definetley a min for that good REM

i shoot for 40 min uninterrupted in my bed, i.e. no couch, tv blaring, etc......

it's a hassle working them into your schedule and waking up is a BITCH but you'll be set for hours after

I used to be a gangsta napper. Now I'm an old school napper 

Im a nappin sumbitch Phone Post 3.0

I have always enjoyed a nap. Never understood the whole power nap, 10-15 minutes. I always did napping "right". I had to go for a sleep study for issues unrelated to my napping and was diagnosed with narcolepsy. First night I hit REM sleep within 2 minutes and the second night within 5.

Turns out napping for 3-4 hours isn't napping. It's sleeping. Either way, I'm a big fan.

I always napped before I had kids, my oldest is 8 so it's been 8 years since I've had a nap. :-( Phone Post 3.0