Anyone else do Pilates?

Are you at the advanced stage yet? I can almost get through the entire intermediate routine for men. I have never felt sore in these parts of my body before. I love it and may actually stick to it.

Really? The book I'm using didn't mention anything about that. Good to know.

I have nothing against Pilates in general.

But do like to take the piss out of people on occasion.

Johnny Mosley was a member of my Gym. You may remember he won Gold at the winter Olympics. Well after his first gold, he started doing Pilates. And at the next Olympics...NOTHING!!!

So I always like to tell the Pilates androids that "Pilates = Loser. For proof I reference Mosley pre & post Pilates.


I bought two pilates DVD as a Christmas present for my GF.

I'll see if it works!

A hate to tell you Taku, fitness was not the reason he lost. He did well yet the judges thought he went to close to being inverted (illegal then not now) on his jump. He did have nice long lean muscles and a big head (ego) which could have thrown off the axis of his spin.