anyone else feel guilty about ordering ppvs?

i usually watch ufc and boxing ppvs at bars with friends...yesterday some plans fell through so i ended up ordering the ppv...when it was over i felt like i just blew my wad after paying for an overpriced hooker...

anyone else feel this way after ordering ppvs?

On UFC ppv's it's about 50/50 whether I feel it was a good buy or a waste of money.

No regrets when I ordered Moosin and Shine.

that was a great ppv, whats the problem

I used to rent them every time and rewatch them over and over.

Then the economy kicked me in the nuts, and I haven't rented one in about two years. 

Sometimes when its a crap ppv like Mir vs CroCop! Phone Post

yeah 55 bucks is stiff for 4 or 5 fights

Peoria Athletic Club - check this out... I have a 32 inch LCD TV in my dining room and a 47 inch in my living room... I order the PPV on the smaller TV and planned on watching it on both TVs... well it wouldnt show up correctly on my 47 inch TV... so comcast COMPED it for me!


they are always better when they are free.... thanks comcast!!!

 I'm gonna order it and then claim that now.  Am I a bad person?

Living here never have had to pay for one :)

Feel bad as I could have given the money the charity.

I mean, my drug dealer.

I feel much more guilt after the hookers.

Get group of friends. All chip in. Costs the same as going to a movie. Profit?

I bought last night's event and enjoyed it. I no longer order every one though...I only order the events that appear to be worth $45.

In a business sense, you have to be in awe of how fortunate Zuffa are. The return is incredible. Morons keep pumping 60$ for these cards that are realistically worth 20 dollars.

yhknq - 
grafzep - that was a great ppv, whats the problem

Usually, I call over a couple friends and we all split the cost of the PPV and the cost of a couple of pizzas but if they're working or it's only two or three of us and we're low on money, we resort to.....not-legal ways of watching.

yea, i feel stupid as hell ordering a crack addict or something

can someone help a brother out and pm me some alternative remedies

nope, I just go to the local watering hole, and pitch in $5 and watch it down there

goku - yea, i feel stupid as hell ordering a crack addict or something

+1 but strangely I NEVER have that problem buying crack

I purchase 1 or 2 a year at the most. I never get what I feel I pay for. Kind of like a Tyson fight in the 80's. 90 seconds and that was my enjoyment. I'd get more enjoyment from that high priced hooker you speak of...

if your hurtin to pay bills etc then dont order,thats common sense,but i think its safe to say most of us on this board are mma addicts

i have skipped a couple lately just because i have no interest in many of these matchups lately.I dont want to see guys fighting in main events to decide who is the #2 contender