Anyone else following this Lori Vallow story?

Deemed unfit to stand trial today?

A licensed clinical psychologist completed and assessment and determined that she is not competent to proceed.

Also, it looks like Arizona is planning on charging her for the death of Charles.

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This makes me worried for Passive Jay


I think the argument would be that she doesn’t know it is wrong cause she’s crazy- I.e. she thought she was doing the right thing. You can think something is not wrong, but still take efforts not to get caught.

She’s one seriously evil cunt though. She also doesn’t walk away - she’ll be in a padded cell for the rest of her life- I would hope.

I was wondering what would happen.

She wouldn’t just be free to cruise right?

Chad entered a plea of not guilty to all charges.

Lori has been committed to a mental facility for 90 days and will be reevaluated after that.

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She is definitely insane, but knew what she was doing enough to attempt to conceal every murder and then flee authorities

Being a sociopath shouldnt be a defense


I understand you are pointing out the argument, not justifying it. But, Id guess most gang members think they are doing the right thing when doing a retaliation drive by when one of their own is killed.

It’s a common misconception that being declared insane is basically the same as being aquitted. The biggest advantage is that a mentally unfit person cannot be executed. JCS explains it well:


She should be fired out of a catapult directly into a brick wall.

I stole this idea from George Carlin

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see this is why i hate welfare, you just show up with the kids and they give you a fucking check…

Thanks for that.

I love that channel.

Gotta love how some wimpy psychologist gets their moment in the sun to make a stupid ass assessment like this. She is a bad dog, we put down bad dogs. Booksmart people have made life kind of stupid.

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He will be on a future “Til Death Do Us Part” episode on ID network.

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That makes no sense. You don’t hide things that you think aren’t wrong. You don’t take steps to cover your tracks and lie to family, friends and police if you don’t believe it’s wrong.