Anyone else going to UFC 74??

Wassup fellas?? Looks like I'll make it to UFC 74. Always a great experience seeing the fights live! Any other UG ers going? What are you guys going to do while you're there? Going to the weigh ins? After parties, etc??

Somebody?? lol


I'll be there...flying out Thursday night from Boston...I don't have tickets to the fights but will def. be at the weigh ins..

"I'll be there...flying out Thursday night from Boston...I don't have tickets to the fights but will def. be at the weigh ins.. "

It looks like I might be scoring a few from Mr. International himself, being that he will not be in attendance. I believe he had a prior engagement. In any case, Thanks Shonie!

Hey Jackjohnson, are you hoping to score some tickets over there or are you just going to be attending the weigh-ins?

I will be there ring side to watch Clay Guida score a big win over Marcus Aurielo!

Hey Guidafan, it looks like I'll be there 1st or 2nd row too, according to Shonie thats where the tix are. Ive been watching Clay fight for years! Im in Chicago but we would always make the trips up to Indiana and surrounding ares to see the Guidas, the Gilberts (among others) fight. His brother Jason is a good fighter too. I met Jason at a Bears game of all places, last season. Real cool dudes. I wish them both the best and I too will be pulling for Clay!

I'm flying out with 6 friends...we're going to try to score tickets out there but if not, oh well...we couldn't find 6 tickets together and the cheapest we could find were 200 a piece..a little steep..

I hear you Jack. Tickets are getting pretty pricey. Thank GOD for hookups! The last UFC I went to was in Columbus and the tickets were dirt cheap because we scored them from Matt Hughes. My best friend was his roomate in JC and at EIU, so we basically sat in the same section as his family. Good time!

last time they were in Connecticut we got them comped from someone we knew that worked for the casino so we lucked out...we did end up getting into an after party in one of the fighters suites...we know a local promoter and he hooked us up..ended up partying with pretty much every fighter that fought and every fighter that wasin the crowd..def. a good time..

Ha ha!! Awesome!!! ^^^ Same here. In Columbus there were a few fighters partying at this club called.. Sugar, or was it Spice... Something like that.


I am going with my wife and some friends. Section 104.

Lets go Clay!!!

^^ Awesome! It looks like there will be quite a few Guida fans in the front rows between you, me and guidafan!


Any more chicagoans going?

Yes, I will be there. I mean, no I wont.

I shall be there for sure and will bring back many items for the Ryan Bennett Memorial Fund from Randy, Gabriel, Josh, Clay and many others.

I'll be there! :) can't wait for kendall and randy's fights...