Anyone else having hotmail problem

ANyone else not being able to view your hotmail account today? I get in and it keeps showing me 3 junke messages from yesturday, I erase them than refresh the account and they are back. Even if I erase them turn off the computer than go back into the account afterwards, the messages from yesturday are back! Its like a frikin horror movie or something.

That being said anyone needs to email me can reach me at

my MSN doesnt work

you're right, hotmail's messed up right now

My MSN and hotmail have been working all day....and yet no one sends me messages....


mines working fine

Now, it seems like I am only getting in those stupid "Tameika Repansky" junk messages!

Serenity now!

I was getting a lot of ads for fake Rolexes for a while.