Anyone else here play NWN 2?

I've finally gotten around to playing this after getting it for Christmas (I was busy with Medeival 2: Total War) It runs really nice I must say and I have encountered few bugs if any. I have a coupe minor complaints nothing that I can't live with or that really detracts from the game IMO. I don't like the camera controls, the AI of your party members is in some cases really bad and spellcasting and the menus are a bit unwieldy. Other than that I am finding it to be quite enjoyable. Anyone else have any opinions?

Guess not.

It's fun.

Make a 1 bard, 9 fighter, 10 red dragon disciple, you'll be unstoppable.

The levelling I think. I did run into a bug the other night that annoyed me. The AI just stopped working, so I had to manuall control all the characters. I just relaoded at my last save and drove on but it was annoying for a few seconds.

I've just gone for a plain sorcerer. I played a RDD build in NWN1, but i am glad that I went sorc in this one. There are already good melee guys in the team, and I dont like the magic casters in NWN2

The problem with playing as a caster is that in so many fights, you're going to be front and center when people start swinging because so many fights are triggered by conversation. Since you can't converse with any character but your own, you end up right next to the dragon.

no biggie jonwell just build a still spell mage

gotta love a sorc that wears plate! unless your trying to pvp against him that is

Ok, one more thing I don't like is that you can't order your party or put them in a formation like you could in Baldur's Gate.

I did play a 2 fighter, 8 mage, 10 eldritch knight that could melee fairly well. With the Eldritch Knight chain and a mithral light shield you get 0% spell failure and decent armor. Combine with various armor spells and premonition or improves stoneskin and you're pretty tough. BUT he only has half the hp of a tank, and doesn't hit very hard in melee.

cool but im talking about a still spell caster will get owned by a real mage but they are death vs melee u drop to max lvl 7th spells but gain fullplate

you dont get much hp but u can push your ac sky high i usually go dwarf wizard for the hp bonus

not fun to play at all but one of the most annoying pvp builds ive ever seen

ive seen some people play melee sorc builds but i always sucked at building them

Ah ya, I don't play PvP so much. Be interesting to try though, I guess. I don't really like how magic works in d&d for this game- if there were fewer fights with tougher opponents it'd be perfect. But every damn corner you're running into weak dudes, and I tend to use up my spells quickly.

yeah way to tedious to play the campaign with