Anyone else leaving the house less and less?

Since I can work remotely and do “drop in visits” on my businesses whenever i want- i’m finding it harder to leave the house.

The real reason though are the shitheads I encounter on the roads and in public. Most people are still polite to each other- it is like dealing with the 10% of crazy assholes just isn’t worth it anymore.

I avoid the grocery store as I just send my assistant or order instacart. I don’t go out to eat anymore cuz I got a blackstone. Add a home gym and movie theater with every game console and I just don’t have the motivation to do road work, bike ride, or god forbid- go to a commercial gym.

Dealing with the public is the worst. I’ve found that i’m a bit bored yet more at peace with my current setup. People seem to have this underlying anger and tension. And don’t get me started on the phone/tablet zombies.


I dont really have a major issue with people or dealing with them. But yeah, I leave my house as little as possible.

I love my home and my property. I want to be here as much as possible. I’m hearing up for a bright future in being a hermit in the woods.


COVID changed how much I go out. Not because of fear but because I hate wearing a mask and everything here was shut down. Now I have been slow to resume normal life. I go to the store etc but it’s different than pre COVID.


Pretty much the same. It feels like a hassle to go out and do shit now. Going to the beach tomorrow though, can only take so much of being in the house

Yeah I completely stopped going to bars etc. Been going to the beach and the park less too. I did go free diving last week for the first time this year. I usually have gone at least 5 times this far into the year though.

People fucking suckkkk

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Signed and seconded. Reality is for suckers with shitty bandwidth


A part of this Medical Dictatorship was always to make people interact in person less. It’s also why they’ve outlawed dancing, hand shaking, hugging etc.

Little kids are being taught this now, and they will grow up with virtually no social skills beyond communicating via social media.

We are being taught to treat each other with suspicion, and to act as if humans are dangerous.


Why do you think that is? Depop?

What shitty states do you ladies live in?

Depop is a part of this, and I think we’ll see that the vaccines will cause fertility issues, but it’s more about isolating people and destroying the last remnants of the tribe. Making people turn towards the State for guidance and help.


So the end result is “1984”…

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1984 began in March 2020.

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I personally do not want to be around people, unless I choose the situation, the out, etc… In my garage right now, smoking a cigar and finishing fights from last night.

Wall mounted a medium tv on wall of garage. So fucking useful. I live in garage now. Do all my work, hang w dog, tv to put on fights or music. Got my heavy bag out here, double car with doors opening to a nice backyard.

Got everything I need here,and I won’t get into trouble here. Part of the covid experiment was to segregate us. That happened. People different now, overall more crazy


Your garage sounds like my living room

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I actually spend at least half of my time as a hermit in the woods. It’s great - I’d recommend it to anyone. I only venture out to the marina to go fishing in my boat or to eat at taverns.

^ screen name definitely does NOT check out

It’s covid.


yes and yes