Anyone else LOL at R. Lawler's comment in corner?

"That's fucking illegal!"

Ttt Phone Post 3.0

I lawled as well he was so happy about it ahaha

Yes Phone Post 3.0

Yea was pretty funny. Hes a cool dude very likeable Phone Post 3.0

Lawler is a bad fuckin' dude. Takes a serious guy to giggle in a fight to the death.

It even looked like he was trying to get the NSAC guy that was off to the side in on the laughs.

Yeah I noticed that, too. Lawlor was relaxed as hell in there haha.

I was cracking up when I saw that. Talk about relaxed during battle. I wonder what Rory was doing at that same time? Phone Post 3.0

bj penn and robbie both started fighting in 2001 (less than a month apart)

bj peaked and has been on a downslide for a bit, robbie is just now peaking, and may still go up

4 years age difference

robbie is fucking awesome!

that's great

Watched the fight but missed that, thanks for posting. Phone Post 3.0

Robbie loves his life, he is having the time of his life finally getting through to the top 5

For some reason I wasn't really a Robbie fan before this fight. After seeing how much he was enjoying himself during the fight and at the post-fight presser though, I'm converted. Can't wait for his next fight! I think he would make a hell of a fight with the winner of Condit/Brown. Phone Post 3.0

I knew exactly what this thread was going to be about and yes, it was awesome. It was pretty damn cool how loose he was at that point in a fight.

comment at 7:00 of the video

I was wondering what he was laughing about before, that was awesome.

War Lawler.

That was pretty funny. Also, not so sure why that fight was a split decision. Robbie definitely won the 1st round, not sure why a judge had it for Rory.

sooo glad to see Rory destroyed