Anyone else "made it" but still have loser friends?

Seems like after I started doing well some of my friends “fell off” or got jelly and don’t contact me as much.

I kinda looked around the other day and did an inventory of my ‘friends’. It’s more like having “hanger’s on” than friends now. People hitting me up for loans, advice, help, but they don’t do much for me- and I never thought of it like that before.

These guys are getting older and have no retirement, no plans, no assets, and I don’t see them turning it around. Should I keep them at arms length or cut them off? If you’ve been in a similar situation what did you do?

My best friend is in a similar situation. I stay quiet about it.

I guess that I am an anomaly. Most of my friends from childhood are relatively successful and lead good lives. The people I have met along the way that do not positively contribute to me or my mindset, are cut out like cancer.

So you are telling us your homies from your teenage street gang years still want to go out and drink Bud Light Lime in da club on your dime, blast Ludacris’ Word of Mouf in your whip and then go wreck fools at the Waffle House and they can’t understand you are on another level, pushing knockoff Young Living products through your connect in Shanghai and can basically go to the Texas Roadhouse any night you want but you homies can’t go unless you pay?

Cut them off, not everyone deserves to eat that Roadhouse chili whenever they want.

Seriously OP, I think we all have people from our past we won’t want to be around in our future or present. Sometimes they are friends, sometimes they are family. Trust your gut on this. You have to move past associating with certain people as you improve upon yourself. For me it was certain extended family members. Don’t regret it at all.

I’m the loser friend, wait a second… Nevermind I don’t have any friends


My brother - while having a pretty good paying job with prestige (he is a Sergeant in Sheriff Department) lives like a fucking loser. He married that absolute worst woman you could imagine. She has driven him to bankruptcy and they live in a shitty house with all these pets. They live like hoarders and their house is disgusting. Despite making six figures last year (he lives in a low cost of living area) he still needed to borrow money from our father to pay his mortgage. I am disgusted by him and his fat wife has ruined my relationship with him. I have a million stories about her, I could go on and on.

I grew up in a fucked environment with fucked friends. I wouldn’t say “I made it” but I have a steady job that pays well for the area, a house and a couple of cars. It has the family part that did it… as soon as I had kids and put them before drinking and drugs and stopped that life, I lost all but a few friends. I’ve gained some new ones along the way, but not as close as those that I grew up with that know what we came from.

I’m ok with that though.

I agree with OP. As soon as you’re fortunate enough to be doing well, you should start looking down on your friends and turn your back on all of them. Loyalty is for suckers!

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You don’t turn your back on your poor friends.
You lord it over them in your gorilla skin vest


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A wise man once said: " A friend in need is a pest"