Anyone else nervous for Nog?

orcus -  I love Randy but Nogueira is my favorite fighter ever. I really, really want to see him come out and be great again.

So pissed this is only three rounds -- it's the main event and both guys are multiple-time champions and legends.


 I'm with you. If this is a super close decision and neither guy is gassed or hurt after 3 that's total bullshit. This & Wand vs Franklin should've been 5 rounders.

If not for the mir fight, I'd be nervous, but now I'm 100% positive he's shot, so not really. Still hope nog wins though.

spg - 
HULKSMASH - If Nogs healthy he will win... He doesnt break because he's already broken.

But then again, he didnt look that great against Heath.. Hmmmmmmmmmm???
He looked awesome against Heath for 99% of the fight, other than when he ducked into the kick.

This is true..

 It should be 5 rounds because its the main event.  Not because its a "superfight". 

Rooting for Nog, but think it will be Randy. Hope I'm wrong or at least it's a good competitive fight.

The only fighter I get more nervous for is Wanderlei.

I prefer 3 round fights

I like them both but I'm thinking Nog takes this fight. Dude is in some great shape for this fight!

JDolo -  This 5 round for only title fights needs to change.  Then again, a #1 contender bout such as Maia/Marquart could just as easlly be argued as also 5 round worthy.

it IS changing. Nevada AC just adopted the rule that non-title fights can now also be 5 rounds.

this is the poster child for the fight that should do it.

All this talk about Nog getting knocked out in training kinda worries me,hopefully he hasnt picked up an Arlovski chin.
I'm calling this as Nog winning with a sub from his back (either triangle or kimura)

Yep very nervous, seeing how Nog moves and reacts on the feet in the first few minutes is going to be telling. i have a horrible image of him lumbering around and taking several seconds to register he has been tagged again. Its going to be so painful if thats the case. On the ground, he still has it.

I think he subs randy imo. If not randy prolly wins via decision. No way in hell randy stops nog.....