Anyone else never tap?

I was suprised that dude backed up his smack but he never tapped to any of the submissions in the street fight. Anyone else here do stuff like that?

he'd tap if it was a more experienced BJJer, I didn't even think Noah would use submission. He'll get his arm or leg broken one day, and than he'll start tapping.

Not tapping to leg or arm locks is absolutely stupid.

Unless you like taking months off from training and fighting.

I hope somebody catches him in a heel hook and he doesn't tap. That could be the end of whatever MMA career he ever had.

I can see not tapping to choke holds. I usually don't, I don't see any harm in going to sleep.

Everyone tapps... it's stupid not to tap. You get back on your feet and learn from it.

I saw it happen in a sport fight several years ago.

The arm broke above AND below the elbow.


er... i wouldn't exactly put Sims as a man of his word. Once his elbow starts bending the wrong way that f'ing crack whore will tap...

i thought i heard in ufc71 they mentioned a silva, or silvia fight where there was a broken arm in one of the fights due to somebody not tapping

Crunkilton didn't tap to Hermes! Sure, he lost the fight, had his arm broken, and he didn't have another fight for nearly two years, but... uh... I forgot what my point was.

The Silvia/Mir fight was a different circumstance though. Silvia had his elbow pulled out and in theory should have been safe from the armbar. However, Mir kept pulling on the arm and actually snapped Silvia's forearm instead. Definitely not the same as "not tapping."

The real question is who thinks taking any advice from Marlon is a good idea?

Don Frye never tapped to James Thompson, Marc Coleman, Yoshida, or Shamrock.