Anyone else not a fan of frankie?

I cannot stand him, and i'm not even a penn fan!

Can't stand his kind of mentality as opposed to bj's.

BONEDintheJanitorsCloset - so you like human cockfighting instead of a sport? go watch felony fights with that kind of mentality

No, dickwad.

I like FIGHTERS WHO FIGHT, not 'fighters' who come to steal fights.


 You can't deny the guy's skillset. He didn't just take BJ down and try and stay active enough to avoid a standup. He absolutely worked BJ in every facet of the game.

 I don't necessarily like Edgar, but I have nothing against him

He did absolutely nothing with the takedowns... but yeah.. he's BJ's kryptonite .. i do prefer watching him in fights where he doesnt try to become a boxer.. his scrambles are exciting as hell

BONEDintheJanitorsCloset - mma is not fighting

mma is a sport

deal with it

oh and you're stupid.. it's fighting... you idiot

i now love lamp and frankie.

Andy the man - 

Can't stand his kind of mentality as opposed to bj's.

 Work hard and push the pace every minute of every round vs take multiple rounds off in championship fights for no real reason

Come in top shape for every fight and never make excuses vs occasionally get in shape and blame everyone else for a loss

Be respectful and humble before and after every fight vs disrespectful tras talk and lick your opponent's blood off your gloves

Be expected to always lose but find a way to win vs be expected to always win but fall short of your potential

What is it about BJ that people like so much. I was a fan back when he debuted, but he has since become one of the easiest fighter to dislike.  

I'm a huge Penn fan and believe he won the 1st fight, but I've always respected Edgar and his performance last night was impressive, much respect! I'm a fan! He's living the dream! Phone Post

 Frankie was great. Fought hard kept a high pace. No stand and wang.No wall and stall. No bullshit ego. What the hell do you people want? Penn's corner was calling him a little c*cksucker. Penn is a fantastic fighter but as evidenced by his corner's comment he is surrounded by yes men.

Its silly to say he 'tried to outpoint BJ'

He hit BJ with multiple hard shorts, both standing and on the ground. Not Frankie's fault that BJ has a chin of iron and can survive pretty much any shot.

Many other LW's would have been finished multiple times against Edgar tonight.

BONEDintheJanitorsCloset - mma is not fighting

mma is a sport

deal with it

damn i may have to vote u up on this one

Are you serious or just trolling? I thought it was a great fight. When's the last time you've seen bj taken down in the 1st round like that? His boxing was amazing and he has such ridiculous cardio he's constantly moving in throwing punches and jumping back. Amazing fight. I loved it. Sorry that you thought bj was gonna win and didn't. He had no answer for Edgar (get it? His nicknames the answer! Tee hee!) Phone Post

BONEDintheJanitorsCloset - talk about being bipolar 
This is perhaps the most overused and least understood term by its users. If everyone really knew what bipolar meant, you wouldn't see everyone jumping to describe someone who changes their mind or contradicts themselves as such. 

Outpointing BJ = Frankie doing what ever he wanted to guy every claimed to be the pound-4-pond best before they met.

lol @ butthurt penn fans who once again scramble for excuses.

Meh, wasn't a fan of Edgar or BJ. Frankie does get respect for defending though.

For a purple belt in BJJ to manhandle the prodigy the way Frankie did last night, I think someone's instructor is just a little to slow to hand out promotions.

He did absolutely nothing with the takedowns..

Nothing but punch BJ in the face over and over.

Did any of you faggits actually bet against BJ? If so please show proof. Phone Post

I was watching a replay.  I could tell by the end of the second round the fight was going to be a decision and the next three rounds were going to be the same as the first two. I went online, confirmed the quick result and went to bed.


Not sure why, but that fight bored the hell out of me.