Anyone else not drink coffee, tea, energy drinks?

I don't drink any of those. Probably need to get a bit more sleep though. The day is absolutely brutal for me when not properly rested.

Nope. You're the only fucking weirdo Phone Post 3.0

I don't drink my caffeine, I take it in a tablet.

I used to have all of them and caffeine pills.

I've been clean for six months.

I recently stopped all carbonation and caffeine... Water with non caffeine flavor mixers. Phone Post 3.0

water, black coffee, and booze

For 15 years, I have tried to avoid all caffeine (it aggrivates a minor health condition) but at times I am better than others. This year... not so good. But I have gone 2-3 years at a stretch without ANY caffeine whatsoever. You do sleep better and wake up easier if you go off all caffeine. Then if you then have a cup of coffee you realize just how insanely powerful it is. People get used to caffeine, but if you get sensitized to it, by not using it, you see just what it does. 


Only drink water and booze Phone Post 3.0

Dropped daily soda and energy drinks for water exclusively over the past few years. Actually been thinking of having coffee more often to pick up the slow parts of the day.

Death and Taxes - 

No coffee, tea, energy drinks and rarely soda.

Just caffeine pill + L-Theanine

What's L theanine?

I haven't had any of that crap in at least 10 years. Probably closer to 15. I am sure I have had something with caffeine in it at some point during that time but not intentionally.

I have and iced coffee once every couple weeks. No sodas or energy drinks tho. The amount of sugar in those things is insane. Guys I work with drink them every morning and then sodas all day too. We work on a flight line and it's hot as balls in GA. They constantly complain about being tired, fatigued, and over weight. But they just can't figure out why..... Phone Post 3.0

I'm not drinking one, at this exact moment... Phone Post 3.0

gum989 - None of the 3 for me.

Juice, alcohol, water.


Sweet tea is my poison. Don't drink any of the others though. Phone Post 3.0

I drink tea a few times a month, coffee maybe once a week. Never tried an energy drink of any kind.

Coffee but not any of the energy drinks. I'm not convinced there aren't going to be some bad side effects from these drinks. Phone Post 3.0

90% water, 8% beer, 2% juice. Phone Post 3.0

Energy drink addict here , I need to quit , I have at least 2 a day usually more Phone Post 3.0

Just water.

No energy drinks, caffeine, pills... nothing