Anyone else not drink coffee, tea, energy drinks?

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I don't drink my caffeine, I take it in a tablet.

You fag I take mines in form of enema Phone Post 3.0

Just throw a pill down that hallway, goatse.

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No coffee, tea, energy drinks and rarely soda.

Just caffeine pill + L-Theanine

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^^thread I started about it a couple of days ago

Caffeine free after years of addiction. .. never had more energy Phone Post 3.0

I don't drink anything meant to wake me up. If I need to be woken up during the day, I'm not going to make the problem worse by adding a new problem.

Where I work we have about 40 office staff and 100 shop guys. Most of the guys in the shop live off of energy drinks and only one person in the office drinks them... she's from a trailer park and dates one of the shop guys

gum989 - None of the 3 for me.

Juice, alcohol, water.
Same. Although I will occasionally drink tea or energy drinks.
I'm not against them, I just don't feel the need to drink caffeinated beverages every day. Phone Post 3.0

RoFu - Only drink water and booze Phone Post 3.0
Same here.

Well, add coconut water to that list. Just started drinking that recently. Phone Post 3.0

Some diet soda and water, but no coffee, tea, energy drinks at all. Phone Post 3.0

I don't like hot drinks, and energy drinks don't agree with my stomach. I feel more energetic after going to the gym in the morning, if I don't I then feel like shit for the rest of the day. Phone Post 3.0

Never drank coffee or energy drinks in my life. I also gave up soda about 10 yrs ago as well. But coffee sure does smells like it would taste damn good.

I don't like caffein at all because I'm diabetic and the jitters it gives me feels like when I have low blood sugar.

And it makes me shit.

And I have to pee a lot.

I had a cup of tea in 1982, didn't like it. Not had one since. Never had coffee or an energy drink either.

I don't drink coffee, tea or energy drinks for energy. they don't wake me up for shit. :(

i just like tea when its cold and sweet tea when it's hot/regular day. but i also drink on average about 1-2 gallons of water a day.

I stopped it all for a couple months one time. Felt about the same as when I had them but lost some weight. I think this thread has encouraged me to give it another shot. I just had a Starbucks vinti latte with an extra shot.... Phone Post 3.0

1 jug of coffee when I wake up and a Rockstar mid day.
I really need to quit.

I have never taken even a sip of coffee or energy drink, and maybe 2 sips of tea in my lifetime.

I am a soda fiend, though. Phone Post 3.0

I don't drink any of them.

I don't often drink soda either.

Not because of health reasons.

It makes my skin feel oily.

Coffee doesn't taste good at all too me. Phone Post 3.0