Anyone else not excited about Shogun/Griffin 2 ?

I am not pumped about this fight personally. I would much rather see Shogun fight someone he has never faced before. That said I doubt this fight is anything less than exciting...


It's a good rematch. I'm looking forward to it.

 I am not, not looking forward to it.

I am looking forward to Forrest winning again and the apologists falling back on "Shogun was never the same after his knee injuries".

should be a slugfest

For some reason I see this fight like the Tito rematch w/ Forresst...kind of a filler fight.

I think its a toss up and Griffin will probably win but who knows? Part of the problem is most all the 205 ers are tied up with fights already.

i dont care to see this fight..

I'd rather see shogun fight Rich Franklin IMO but it is what it is

meatstakk - I'd rather see shogun fight Rich Franklin IMO but it is what it is

Shogun would handle Franklin...and im a huge Rich fan.


Jones and Evans booked
Rampage and Hamill booked
Thiago Silva is suspended
Phil Davis and Lil Nog just fought
Franklin not ready yet

So kind of a necessity booking to keep the active and not fighting lowered competition.

I hope Shogun performs better this time around.

Franklin/Shogun would be awesome!

Why not a Vitor Belfort/Shougun fight just for the fuck of it? I mean it is Brazil, and Vitor has NOTHING right now at 185 and no one will fight him.

Why is it that everytime a rematch is made MMA fans bitch & moan about it.    It's been 3 1/2 years since these guys fought.  

Much looking forward to this fight.

there might be more appealing fights for either of them, but i'm definitely interested!

I really don't understand the hate this fight is getting. It's the most relevant fight for both fighters, IMO. I like Franklin, but he isn't in title contention, whereas the winner of Shogun/Forrest is right back in the hunt. Add that to the questions surrounding the first fight, and it's a no brainer.

Hell 2 the naw bruh

You already know bruh

Mixed results...well, glad some are pumped for it. A good countdown show could change my view on it.

 I would have preferred Shogun-Arona II, but Shogun would have too much to lose in the fight.

 I really like this fight.  The first one was very exciting with a dramatic finish.

And I also think its a fight with an obvious upside for both fighters -- which is the definition of good bookmaking. Shogun gets the chance to avenge a loss and speak to his improvement. 

Forest can insert himself back into the title picture.  I'm probably in the minority, but I think Forest is one of the more interesting matchups for Jones.  I think he'll ultimately lose to Jones, but Forest is a busy fighter with a heavyweight frame that has done a good job of dictating the pace of past fights (something no one has been able to do to Jones).