Anyone else not watch the ronda/liz fight

after watching most of the 157 prelims on Fuel and then streaming the ones not shown, I just realized Rondas fight was the only one I didn't bother with, not really for any reason except just, you know, meh


I thought it was a fun & exciting fight to watch!!

damn, I just lost my 3 hard earned greeny points :-(

not trolling, just the way it happened with me

Mykal McDerp - 

Cool story bro.

You know it's not the 1950s anymore, women can do shit nowadays. You missed out on a great fight homie Phone Post

Not against women fighters at all, I actually spar one quite regularly thats impressive and out matches most of the guys her size.

I just didn't get caught up in all the hype and just thought the prospect of another armbar was a bit bland

Didn't bother with the main card at all, not a huge fan of WMMA but didn't think it was worth $50+ Phone Post

What was the point of your post? You say you have nothing against wmma. What the hell do you expect us to say to you "missing fights"? Phone Post

Obvious troll. There's always people saying shit like that regarding women or lighter weight fighters. Phone Post

I'm blown away bu the faggots on here like the OP who think women don't belong. It's mostly out of shape guys who feel beneath themselves when a fit chick is talked of or in presence Phone Post

Didn't bother to watch it, but you made a thread about it..smh.

Don't be a douche. Phone Post

I didn't watch it wither. After my boy Hendo lost (and the way that fight went down) I was just fed up and logged off. I just do not like watching women get hit. Add to the fact that all Ronda does is 1st round armbars and combined I just couldn't care less Phone Post

LOL yeah ok.

I live watching Ronda grapple and have no problem with woman's mma. The only thing that bothers me is I know someday in the ufc a girl is Gonna get a prolonged beat down. And for some reason that really doesn't appeal to me. Phone Post


I've decided this stuff is much more fun to do than to watch. so I train and spend my PPV money on other stuff.

Missed it because I fell asleep straight after prelims ain't had chance to watch it yet but have it recorded Phone Post

you missed a great fight

Masakyst - you missed a great fight

i'm sure i did. i'm sure i've missed alot of good fights.

i just can't bring myself to sit thru a broadcast.

I didn't watch it, but i had to meet up with some friends like half way through the Hendo Machida fight. Watched the first 2 rounds and was just like meh i can go.


I refused to pay for that Main Event although ive bought almost all UFC's since UFC 33.

I did see the replay and it was a good exciting 4 minutes .

JuicedBeast - 

I like WMMA, but can't stand Rousey so I didn't order the PPV. Call it what you want, but in my opinion it's the only way I have to show the UFC she isn't the "draw" they think she is. I aslo quit buying/using gapari nutrition products once they started spamming me with her. Phone Post

Why is it that you cant stand her? Ever met her personally or something?

You do know in all likelihood Machida & Hendo benefited from the PPV, so you basically are telling us you can't stand Rousey to the point were you stop supporting Hendo as well.