Anyone else pumped for GSP vs Shields?

I know that people consider them both to be lnp'ers but they both are above all else winners. Shields has only been stopped 1 time in his career and has fought a ton of killers in his career. I think Shields will come in with a different gameplan and somehow at least put Georges on his back a couple times to make a fight out of it.

Even when Jake was dead on the feet vs Lawler, Hendo, and Daley he managed to sub 2 out of 3 of them and dominate the other. Will Georges be able to do what these 3 heavy hitters weren't able to?

I always look forward to seeing GSP fight!

Yes. GSP is a fucking artist and the octagon is his canvas. I look for an even more dominating performance this time around.

I'm really curious about it, even though I can't really see GSP losing.

I'm honestly more interested in the aftermath. I believe Dana's going to have him vacate the belt and move up to 185 if he wins. Shields is the last top guy left than GSP hasn't already beaten soundly.

Not after Shields vs. Kampmann. Easy win for GSP.

I can't wait for this fight!!! Phone Post

TBH no
jake is as boring as boring mma gets


Not so much, yes and no I will say. I'm sure ill get there though

I can't wait to see GSP win!

I can't wait to see Shields surprise everyone.

I'd honestly be shocked if Shields makes it to the championship rounds.

always awesome to see GSP dominate the best. but shields is a less scary fight than the Kos fight. so,,, on paper it's another shutout/perfect game for GSP. but they don't fight on paper and he has to go in there and take victory like he knows how.

 Definitely looking forward to it.  If he wins then vacates I bet Fitch is the next champ.

Would be a very good fight, I just can't see GSP losing to anyone right now.

LittleJoeMama - I can't wait to see Shields surprise everyone.

 You may be waiting a loooooooooooooooooooooong time

because short of bringing a gun into the ring Jakie Boy aint winnin this fight

No Phone Post

 Hell yes!

I personally favor George but it blows me away when people don't give Jake a chance. Jake is as legit if not the most legit challenger ever for GSP's belt.

 I'm pumped because I can't wait to see the forum's reaction when GSP finishes someone.....